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The Pub at the Creamery is a fun place to go for a hearty meal and some fun. The food is upscale and fresh, though it comes in all sorts of forms, from your favorite pub nachos to a healthy, big salad. It’s also super easy to get to right on L Street.

Not only is this a restaurant with some excellent fresh meals, but there are fun things to do here, too. That includes playing a game of pool or an arcade game. There’s also a full bar with a full menu of options, including some local brews. Our visit allowed us to sit at one of the booths and check out the location and the huge menu. There are so many options on it that are fantastic and fresh takes on favorites that it was hard to choose.

The Pub Location & Environment

The Pub at the Creamery is located at 824 L Street, just a few minutes off Highway 101. To get there, you can take Samoa Blvd to K Street and then turn left at L Street. It’s close to Phoenix Ceramic & Fire Supply, Familia Café in the Creamery District, and the Redwood Raks World Dance Collective.

This super fun location is a great place to just relax and have fun. When we visited the location was bright and open, with a modern feel and positive vibe to it. There’s an outdoor area to sit and relax at, and sometimes there’s a band playing. We loved the big, old-style rounded booths that help you to focus on your group. If you come in on your own, you can easily sit at the bar and watch all of the action take place. It’s a fantastic place to come to catch the game, thanks to the TVs throughout.

Good to Know Before You Go

The Pub offers several crust options for their pizza, including a gluten-free version. You can also get vegan mozzarella cheese. You can ask them to take any of their pizza options and turn it into a calzone for a slight upcharge. That way, you don’t have to share! There’s often a seasonal menu that offers some pretty nice options. That includes the pub nachos, wings (including cauliflower wings), and soups.

What’s on The Pub at the Creamery Menu

The Pub at the Creamery has plenty of options at the bar itself, including most of your favorite beers and mixed drinks. Check out the beer and wine mixes, such as the Creamosa. It’s made with Barefoot Bubbly with squeezed orange juice in it. Another great choice on a hot day is the Frose, which is a Trinity River Vineyards Rose that’s frozen with a tangy and bold house cucumber rosemary syrup.

There’s probably nothing better than a pizza from The Pub (though there are plenty of contenders!) In the heart of the kitchen area, perfectly visible, is a large wood-burning pizza oven. It’s the perfect meal, thanks to the wonderfully flavorful crust and fresh ingredients. Of course, it is possible to customize pizza toppings, but some of their ready-to-go options are fantastic. The options are endless.

Check out the Seasonal Garden for a veggie choice with its spinach and artichoke combo. The Pesto Sausage includes a pesto sauce with artichokes hearts, Italian sausage, and fresh garlic. We tried the Hot Mama, with a wonderful red sauce, bacon, pineapple, and pepperoni that’s topped with jalapeno and garlic.

In addition to pizza, The Pub offers a huge selection of other goodies, including sandwiches like the Pub Cubano, Korean Fried Chicken Sandwich, and the Pub BLTA. They also offer a build your own burger option, a fried chicken rice bowl, and a sautéed veggie rice bowl. The menu is full of options.

You also have a lot of sides that are not necessarily easy to overlook. The beer friends, French fries, and tater tots are a must. Also, they often have soup and salads.

If brunch is available when you visit, you’ll find a whole new menu of options. We didn’t get to try them, but there are some exceptional choices here, including the Arcata Toast, which is topped with avocado, biscuits and gravy, waffles, and vegan beignets.

Our Suggestions

Check out the meatball sub that includes house made meatballs that are topped with lots of cheese. It’s the type of sandwich that fills you up.

The friend chicken rice bowl is a huge meal itself with breaded and fried chicken on top of white rice. It is topped with Korean aioli (it’s spicy!) as well as teriyaki, sesame seeds, and a touch of onion. This is really a great flavor combo.

Find a classic cocktail from the menu and order it. That could be a lemon drop, cosmo, bloody Mary, or martini. They also have a ton of specialty drinks.


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