Mr. Cream Pancakes & Waffles

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Prepare to satisfy your sweet tooth at Mr. Cream Pancakes and Waffles! Located right on the Malecon, they are a popular stop for tourists and locals alike. Due to their prime location, you can enjoy views of the marina and yachts within it as you dine. They have over 70 different items on the menu, so there is definitely something for everyone - no matter the craving!

Location & Ambiance

You will recognize the restaurant along the Malecon by their cozy and bistro-style outdoor decorations. The awnings sport a black and white stripe design that will immediately make you feel like you're entering a European cafe. There are plenty of tables outside which offer unbeatable marina views. You can watch as people enjoy a nice walk along the malecon or a ride on one of the yachts awaiting across the way. Their logo and signage bears a resemblance to the famous International House of Pancakes logo (IHOP) in the U.S. Though it's similar in look and menu items, Mr. Cream offers an authenticity in their food that's distinguishable and proven through their incredible reviews.

Inside, the European-inspired ambiance continues. There are cute cafe touches all around and though indoors, the restaurant is very open - providing lovely views from every seat in the house! There are hanging and potted plants throughout providing lovely contrast against the more muted tones in the walls and wooden tables. This restaurant's forte is breakfast and brunch so they do close earlier in the day at 2PM. Make sure to put this one on your Puerto Vallarta must-visits.

What's on the Menu:

Pancakes (Hot Cakes)

No surprise here, they are well known for their pancakes! Listed in the menu under the title "Hot Cakes," there are nearly a dozen variations of this breakfast classic to choose from. While people generally steer towards the sweet pancakes, there are plenty who enjoy their savory options as well. One of the savory options even includes a hot cake take on a club sandwich. Their most popular sweet combinations are the Hot Cakes Amorino, Hot Cakes Cocoa Royal, and the Hot Cakes Buonissimo. The Hot Cakes Amorino comes with bananas, strawberries, and Nutella - you can't go wrong! Hot Cakes Cocoa Royal is the elite choice for any chocolate and nut lovers. It comes loaded with whipped cream, nutella, toasted almonds, walnuts, and chocolate sauce. Finally, the Hot Cakes Buonissimo is fantastic choice for any coffee lovers. It comes with coffee drizzled over a stack of hot cakes covered in marscapone cheese and chocolate sauce, so good!


As the other star of the show at Mr.Cream, there are over 15 waffle options! Their waffles do have more savory options than pancakes. In addition, all the previously mentioned styles of Hot Cakes are available in waffle form. Waffles tend to go better as a savory handheld because they can be folded and the texture is more sandwich like.

Some of the most popular choices include the Waffle Mr. Cream and the Waffle Oh Mama! Since the Waffle Mr.Cream carries the business name, you can guarantee this is the business' specialty and a favorite among patrons. This waffle comes with scoops of vanilla ice cream, and your choice of chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, or blackberries (or all!) The Waffle Oh Mama! will not disappoint. With fried plantains on top, whipped cream, condensed milk, and dulce de leche, his will hit all the right sweet spots!

Savory Options

Not feeling something sweet? Don't worry, there are plenty of traditional savory breakfast options as well. Each huevos platter comes with two eggs and your choice of grated potatoes or beans. For a more hearty option, go for an omelette. Under the Los Mexicanos category, you can order Mexican favorites such as chilaquiles and quesadillas.

Whether you're looking for a filling breakfast before a jam-packed day of fun in Puerto Vallarta , or looking for a yummy brunch before laying on the beach, Mr. Cream is an excellent choice!


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