Traveling in the Valley of the Sun Property Management is proud of its beautiful vacation rentals. A few of our favorites are located in Phoenix Arizona, or as the locals like to call it “The Valley of the Sun”. If you decide to spend your vacation traveling in the Phoenix area, we have provided essential travel information for you that you won’t want to miss!

Getting Here:

If you are flying into Phoenix, you are in luck. The Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is known as America’s Friendliest Airport. 17 Airline Carriers use the airport and about 1,200 flights leave a day making the airport very accessible from anywhere in the country. Driving here is also an option. Phoenix has been ranked as being one of the least congested cities in America. Plan your trip according to rush hour traffic, and you should be into the city in no time.

Getting Around:

Phoenix Public Transportation includes the Light Rail the City Bus. Both are know for their cleanliness and reliability. Light Rail and Bus tickets can be purchased daily or per ride. Phoenix is a very bike friendly city! A popular way to get around is using the Grid Bike Share. Grid Bike Share provides bikes at various hubs throughout the city. To use, simply download the Social Bicycles App and select a plan that fits your needs. You can rent bikes daily, weekly, monthly, or simply pay for the minutes you use the bike. These bicycles provide one of the best ways to tour Phoenix while enjoying the beautiful weather. Lyft and Uber are also very easy to access, as well as local taxi companies.

Local Attitudes:

Phoenix is not only known for their beautiful sunny warm weather, but also for the warm sunny disposition of its citizens. Phoenix Locals have a fierce pride for their city. Don’t be afraid to ask the locals for tips! You may stumble across something great as well as a new friend or two!

Things to Avoid:

Be aware of the sun! While the sun is a major attraction in Phoenix it can also cause a nasty burn. Wear lots of sunscreen and a hat or sunglasses when touring around outside. Another problem that could present itself in the heat is dehydration. Drink plenty of water and make sure to get plenty of rest in the shade on a particularly hot day.

We hope you enjoy Phoenix as much as we do!