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You might not expect to see a quality sushi restaurant parked in the middle of Utah in the ski valley. However, Yuki Yama comes through with fresh, seasonal fish that they source from around the world. Their offerings include traditional Japanese sushi, noodle plates, hot dishes and creative sashimi plates.

Meet the Chef

The sushi chef at Yuki Yama is the venerable Adam Crow, a transplant from Oregon, where he attended Oregon State University. He began his career in culinary arts as a sous chef at High West Distillery and landed at Yuki Yama in 2018, where he has found his niche. Yuki Yama Sushi is now firmly ensconced as a local hotspot in Park City.


Reservations are recommended because their in-house seating is quite limited. The only way to make a reservation is through their website on the reservations tab. Because of the limited seating capacity, they can’t take groups larger than nine people. Yuki Yama is definitely a great place to bring a date or your family, but not the place to bring your sports team buddies or your entire office department. Because this place is so popular and always busy, reservations can be made 60 days in advance in the high season.

In fact, they are a little bit regimental about their dine-in reservations. In an effort to keep everything manageable, they allot timeframes, depending on how many guests you have in your party. One to two guests get an hour and a half to eat, three to six guests get one hour and 45 minutes, and seven to twelve guests get two hours. No one knows what happens if you go over your scheduled time allotment, since no one has ever dared to! They ask that you cancel any reservation that you can’t make at least 48 hours ahead of time. Otherwise, a fee will be charge on the card used for booking.

Location and Environment

Yuki Yama is located on Main Street in Park City, UT, in the heart of the town. You’ll know you’re there when you see The Galleria Mall; Yuki Yama Sushi is right next door. Most of their guests simply walk to the restaurant from their ski accommodation, but there’s tons of free street parking outside.

The environment inside is clean and contemporary. The dining area is spacious, but as they claim, the seating is quite limited. There are several large tables lined up against the wall, some two and three seaters near the front windows and several larger tables in the middle for groups up to nine in number.

The lighting is ambient and soothing, with some pendant lamps and some sconces. Table lighting is romantic and soothing. The music is perfect background music, with an eclectic blend that will appeal to most folks. The tables are natural looking, with swirls of grain that resemble the rings of a large, ancient tree trunk. Dishes are served on stoneware and wooden “plates” and in other creative ways. Overall, the environment is elegant. Although this is downtown Park City, upscale dress is appreciated. Shorts and tee shirts will feel out of place in this environment.

What’s Good on the Menu

Locals consider this the best sushi restaurant in Park City. May guests remark about how fresh the fish tastes. The menu includes a selection of Nigiri & Sashimi, with limited availability of chu-toro and uni. The chef at Yuki Yama won’t serve fish unless it’s the freshest of fresh. Notably, there is also special maki, like fish tacos, something absolutely fabulous called the Chiller, which has tuna and cucumber, topped with albacore, Lemon, tempura green onion, serrano chilies, red pepper threads, and jalapeño vinaigrette. This is a must taste try for anyone visiting this restaurant. They serve a kimchi miso soup that has become a fan favorite. You really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu!

To accompany your sushi or sashimi order, consider one of Yuki Yama Sushi’s delectable choices of wine, cocktails, spirits and champagnes. In accordance with their classic environment, they offer full bottles of sparkling wines and champagnes, including Veuve Cliquot and Gruet. They have a fine selection of top shelf spirits, including Grey Goose, Bombay, Captain Morgan's and Hornito’s. Wines can be ordered by the bottle or the glass. But their real specialty is in their cocktails. While you're there, try the Tokyo sour with plum whiskey, egg white, simple syrup, lemon, and red wine. If you like spicy food you might like the spicy samurai cocktail. This concoction is made with Hornito’s tequila, chili infused saki, Grand Marnier and a lemon twist.

Local Tips

  • On Saturday & Sunday from 3-5PM, Yuki Yama is closed.
  • Reservations must be made well in advance online.
  • Parties have a cap of 9 maximum people due to limited space.


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