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Experience the best holiday vacation in Los Cabos Mexico with La Jolla vacation rentals. Explore the beauty of the surrounding area while relaxing in the fully furnished and sophisticated homes. Step into our extraordinary vacation rentals and enjoy a great range of amenities at a convenient location just steps from unparalleled natural beauty and biodiversity.

Vacation Rentals


We choose our properties not only because of their incredible features but because they are located in outstanding locations. Whether you prefer to walk to the most beautiful beaches in Mexico or you want enticing views, our La Jolla Los Cabos vacation rentals are situated in the most fabulous destinations. Our property management group has ensured we have the perfect solution for couples, singles, large family groups and teenagers looking to get the most out of their holiday. The La Jolla Los Cabos homes have various amenities that satisfy the needs of each. They range from kitchen amenities like coffee maker and refrigerators, general amenities like a clothes dryer, towels and linens. Entertainment amenities like television, cable satellite and DVD players. Other notable facilities are wheelchair accessibility, non-smoking area and children playing areas. The La Jolla in Los Cabos resort community has your holiday back covered with refined, relaxed life in this beautiful paradise that embraces your personalized taste. The charm of this inspiring paradise has everything open to the world of possibilities and relaxation.


Things to Do


Los Cabos provides you with a paradise where the Pacific Ocean meets with the Sea of Cortez. The area has lots of things to do that include scuba diving, fishing, kayaking and golf. Other things to do in the area include horseback riding, kayaking, snorkeling, dancing and relaxing in the spas and resorts. Discover a wide range of places you can visit, and lotos exciting and fun activities to do.

Additionally, you can discover the charm of the magical towns in Cabo. Enjoy walking around the art galleries and Art Walk. Also, join the street and music shows for more Mexican experiences. For the golf lovers, this destination is considered the focal point for golfing with the most admired golf courses in the world.

Los Cabos is home to many stunning beaches with the most famous ones being the Lovers Beach, El Medano and Divorce Beach, Costa Azul, Santa Maria and Chileno beach. Move along the longest tourist corridor from the famous Cab San Lucas all the way to San Jose Del-Cabo and make new friends. Cabo San Lucas has a distinctive landmark of the Arch, the El Arco is a rugged taffy-coloured rock formation off the coast. The rocks erupt directly from the sea. En route enjoy the lazy sea lions as they bask on the beautiful stones.

The beautiful location of Los Cabos makes it easy to indulge with a luxury experience, from personalized spa treatments to world-class services and accommodations. Our property management rentals offer you a sophisticated travel style. The Spa-Tacular temples have embraced the era of enjoying a feel-good and straightforward spa and wellness treatment and matured to broader holistic approach. The holistic approach at these places offers specialty therapies with the various options like personal training and healthy cuisine.