San José del Cabo

A paradise hidden inside the desertic area of the suthernmost tip of the Baja peninsula, San Jose del Cabo swiftly enthralls all visitors with its stunning skies and breathtaking seas. The perfect mixture of high end facilities and resorts, restaurants and night clubs, home like places and nature becomes a surreal match along the coast line. With small distances in travel, quiet demeanor and peaceful way of life this community has become a must for retirement and leisure, while its powerful, world-renowned surfing beaches and challenging landscape attract all sorts of extreme sports fans, from hiking, rock climbing, windsurfing, parasailing and more.

It is in this wonderful land where the sea offers even a larger diversity. Dubbed as the aquarioum of the world by Jaques Custeau, the reef barrier along the Sea Of Cortez offers blooming opportunities for all sorts of marine wildlife, forcibly attracting whale sharks, humpback whales, marlin fish, tuna, wahoo, and everything in between.

Inside the estuary – a river bed that runs through the San Jose municipality and pours into the ocean, migratory birds seek refuge in their long journeys and marine turtles seek a place to spawn, making it a perfect place for those keen on bird spotting.

Welcome to San Jose, where nature intertwines with luxury in some of the most unexpected and brilliant ways, and where the sunrise will never cease to put a screeching halt to the busy life and give a fresh breath of joy. Welcome home.

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