Traveling is perhaps the best investment for your self-growth. Nothing makes you self-reflect more than being in a new environment. Although it is often thought that a shared experience is more pleasant, having a travel buddy can actually sometimes be more annoying than helpful.

If you wish to have the ultimate freedom, consider going on a solo trip! Navigating the world on your own can be terrifying at first. But being on a solo adventure has many benefits. We have gathered everything you need to know to make your solo travel experience more successful.

Safety tips

Do your homework

Even if you aren’t alone, traveling can be stressful. After all – you have to step out of your comfort zone and navigate in a different environment and, perhaps, even culture. Combine that with being alone, you get the perfect recipe for anxiety!

Now, don’t let that discourage you. Feeling stressed can be easily avoided. You just have to do your homework. Find out how to get from the airport to your chosen accommodation. Learn about all the details – how much it is going to cost, what transport you should take and how much time it will take.

The more you research, the more at ease you will feel! If it is your first time doing a solo adventure, it is best to stay in one place. Once you have had the experience, you can plan to move between different destinations.

Make a copy of your travel plans

Although the idea of leaving everyone and everything behind can seem attractive, make sure to leave information about your travel plans with a friend or a family member at home. Also, try to stay in touch with them at least once a day, so they know you are safe and sound. This is especially important if you are traveling to parts of the world that aren’t considered the safest.

Secure your valuables

For your adventure, take only what you can’t live without – like your phone, a little bit of cash, a credit card, and an ID. It is also wise to make a copy of your passport in case it gets stolen or lost. Ideally, keep the copy in a different place than where you are storing the original.

Whenever you are taking any form of transportation, walking through crowded areas or popular tourist attractions, always keep your belongings close to you. Pickpocketers are common in almost every part of the world. So to be safe, you have to be careful!

Purchase a travel insurance

Having travel insurance is crucial even if you aren’t traveling solo. Still, many of us make the mistake of not purchasing it. By having travel insurance, you can protect yourself from unforeseen events.

After all – there are many things that can disrupt your travel plans – natural disasters, poor weather, lost baggage, theft, and other factors – so it is crucial to secure yourself in case anything happens. Having insurance has become even more important in the pandemic when everything is changing by the minute.

Avoid reckless behavior

Perhaps the most important rule of solo traveling is to use common sense. Avoid reckless behavior that can get you into unpleasant situations. For example, don’t drink too much (and – if you do – keep your eyes on the drink), don’t wander alone during the night, stay only in safe rentals, and pay attention to those who surround you at all times.

Where should you go on your solo adventure?

Although it is important to be precautious, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun at the same time! There is nothing better than traveling – it opens up new horizons and experiences. But a major factor in mastering the art of solo travel is picking the destination.

Of course, there are amazing places all around the world, but there are some destinations that are better suited for those who adventure alone.


When it comes to great solo travel destinations, Mexico comes high on the list. Those who wish to enjoy sunny weather and incredible natural beauty won’t be disappointed. Enjoy the fabulous beaches, dynamic cities, the Mayan culture, and, of course, incredible cuisine!

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With its spectacular beaches, sunny weather, and rich culture, Cancun has become a loved travel destination for many. Swim at the famous cenotes, visit ancient ruins, or snorkel with sharks – in the resort city, you won’t ever feel bored. At Casago, we have the best deals for luxury homes and vacation rentals.


Los Cabos

The great thing about Los Cabos is that it has something to offer for everyone. Whether you prefer to lay on the beach (seeing Land’s End is a must!) or enjoy its vibrant nightlife, you will find something that suits your interests. Our vacation rentals are conveniently placed close to all of the action in Los Cabos.


There is a reason the tourism industry is booming all across the USA. Within one country, there is incredible diversity. The food is delicious, the views are jaw-dropping, and you can always find something fun to do regardless of where you decide to go.


Although Hawaii is mostly associated with honeymoons and couples’ travel, it is also a great destination for solo adventures. Kona, set on the West Coast of the Big Island, is more touristy than other places in Hawaii. There, you will find many shops, a good selection of restaurants and, of course, fantastic sandy beaches.

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Kailua-Kona, Hawaii beach


Those who are adventurers at heart won’t find a better solo travel destination than Sedona, Arizona. Its majestic red rock scenery is truly unbeatable. If you love being outdoors, this is the right place to head for an exciting experience. Sedona is also often regarded as a ‘spiritual Mecca”, where many solo travelers head to self-reflect.

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How to make your solo travel experience more successful?

Be open to meeting locals

The best part about traveling is learning about new cultures. Quite often, the key to having an unforgettable experience is being open to staying off the beaten track. Sure, it can be terrifying to put yourself out there at first. But after you do, you will be glad you did it.

There are many ways how you can meet new people, but the easiest – join tours or shared classes.

Try to be flexible

Don’t worry if your plans go in a different direction than you expected at first. It is easy to overthink, especially when you are by yourself, but try to be as spontaneous as possible.

Whether you are in Florida, Chile, Paris, or Hawaii, it can be fun just to wander around and see where the day might take you. This is how the best stories are born!

Join a tour

Sometimes traveling solo can get a bit lonely. If you wish to meet new people and have interesting experiences at the same time, join an organized day tour. There are tons of different tours to choose from.

Whether you are an art enthusiast, an admirer of gastronomical pleasures, or a fan of animals, you are guaranteed to find at least one experience that interests you regardless of your destination.

Explore options that can save you money

If you wish to save money, while traveling, you can always work during your adventures. Nowadays, there are many platforms and programs that connect travelers with home-stays, ranches, farms, and families who need help.

Of course, you won’t make a fortune doing these works, but it is a great way to get some additional cash. Plus – you will meet new people, which is always great!

Traveling solo is one of the most eye-opening experiences you can have in your life. No matter your age, it is a chance to do some well-needed self-reflection and grow to be an even better person. Although adventuring alone can seem daunting at first, you are guaranteed to make memories that will last a lifetime.

So pick your destination, book a vacation rental, and set off for your exciting adventure.


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