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Bird Island (Isla San Jorge) is an incredible island about 30 miles off the coast of Rocky Point. If there is one tour you decide to do, we highly recommend that this one is it! Not only will you get to observe wildlife like never before, you will also get to enjoy some activities on the water.

About the Tour

Depending on the season, the tour will start very early in the morning. This is usually around 7-8AM. The boat ride there is just about 2 hours each way, but this commute by boat is completely worth it. Around 3,000 sea lions are believed to occupy this island and you will be able to see them sunbathing on rocks from a distance that is safe for both people and the animals. In addition, there will be plenty of birds and fish nearby to observe.

What makes this a great family excursion is the fact that it’s an all-in-one package. Not only will you get transportation to and from the island, but you will also be able to enjoy water sports. They offer kayaking and snorkeling gear on board so you can enjoy the island to its fullest extent. Considering that lunch is also included, the cost for this activity is reasonable! This is a full-day-long event, so be sure to pack with that in mind. We recommend bringing a swimsuit, change of clothes, hat, sunscreen, and of course, a camera. This is a photographer's paradise!

Lunch, snacks, and beverages are included in the Eco Fun Adventures Tour. In addition, they have an open bar! Snorkeling is usually done in the warm water months. If you go in winter months, you may opt to kayak. 

The Island & Wildlife

In 1978, Isla San Jorge was designated as a Federal Reserve. The island is an outcropping of rock formations that are home to the largest Seal and Sea Lion population in Mexico as well several species of birds that include Brown Pelicans, Blue Footed Boobies, Swallows and so many more. Once you get here, it will be quite obvious how the island picked up its nickname. Birds cover the rocks from top to bottom while also controlling the skies above. If you're lucky and visit at the right time of the year, you may even get to see whales and dolphins! This tends to be during the winter time when it's whale watching season.

Tour Companies

There are several tour boats that will take you out to snorkel with the Sea Lions and the trips typically last from 4-6 hours. Eco Fun Adventures and Del Mar Charters are 2 great boats to go out on to snorkel.  They both bring experienced captains and crews that have many years in the charter business to make sure your day is fun and educational as well. Alternatively, Pancho Villa Charters and Federico’s Charters also offer boat tours. We highly recommend Eco Fun Adventures and all info listed for this activity offers information and pricing for this company. Pricing, what's included, and availability may differ with other companies.

What’s Included

  • Kayaking & Snorkeling Equipment
  • Lunch, water, soft drinks, and an open bar.
  • Round-trip powerboat transportation to Bird Island.
  • Music & Entertainment

Local Tips

  • Depending on time of year you may get a glimpse or up close encounter with dolphins and whales.


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