Rocky Point Sightseeing

Puerto Peñasco is the official name of the enchanting Mexican resort town known as Rocky Point in English. Ir has also been nicknamed “Arizona’s Beach” because it is the closest beach, a mere 62 miles, from the border with the USA state of Arizona. The town is in Sonora’s northwest area and is on the northern shores of the Sea of Cortez and on the Gulf of California. With an area of 3,773.94 square miles, it is on a strip of land that joins Mexico with the Baja California Peninsula and is a part of the Altar Desert, which is one of the Sonora Desert’s hottest and driest sections. It is also known for its picturesque postcard-like beauty, beaches, dunes, tidal pools, and volcanic terrain.

Vacation Rentals

In addition to seaside resorts and lavish hotels that will put you in the lap of luxury, there are private homes, villas, bungalows, condos, trailer parks, and other accommodations including pet-friendly ones that are available to rent at fair and reasonable prices and with deluxe amenities that are meticulously maintained. You can be in the heart of unique attractions and have convenient access to the many interesting and exciting things to do.


There is a variety of opportunities for sightseeing in Rocky Point and the surroundings. The city itself has two golf courses, one boasting of its awe-inspiring views of the Sea of Cortez. This is an ideal location for water sports, sailing, fishing and perhaps entering fishing tournaments, kayaking, scuba diving,snorkeling, mountain climbing, hunting, or driving an ATV along its 60 miles of coasts.


The amazing Sea of Cortez’s golden beaches include Playa Mirador where you can swim in the clear Pacific, the Playa Hermosa which is perfect for aquatic sports, Conchas Beach’s fine sand and water clarity, Sandy Beach with its tranquil swell and many modern tourist buildings, and others.

San Jorge Bay and Island

A nature reserve, it is home to a multitude of bird species, dolphins, sea lions that are one of the largest populations nationwide, and even a Vaquita porpoise, which is the most-endangered marine mammal in the world. You can also go snorkeling, diving, and sport fishing for many varieties of species.

Rocky Point Ziplines

This is more than one mile of high flying adventure consisting of five ziplines ranging in length from 350 feet, to 2000 feet and heights of up to 150 feet above the desert floor in Gold Canyon, Arizona. The staff is very conscientious and safety-oriented, explains what to expect, and makes it a totally fun experience.

Intercultural Center of Desert and Ocean Studies (CEDO)

This center in Las Conchas displays an amazing collection of bird and marine mammal bones with the highlight being a huge whale skeleton. The impeccably-maintained gardens have an extensive variety of plant species. You can book an excursion to the desert, islands, oyster farms, and to the volcanic region of Pinacate.

The Pinacate Biosphere Reserve and The Great Altar Desert

This is a protected exotic natural beauty area of 714,557 hectares with three-quarters covered by moving sand dunes and the balance by volcanic rock. Because of the similarity to the moon’s surface, the area has been used as a training ground by NASA. This ia also a great place for camping, mountain biking, and hunting for mule deer, bighorn sheep, quail, aquatic birds, and more.

You will enjoy relaxing and rejuvenating in the vacation rentals and then participating in the memorable experiences of all the sports and activities and sightseeing in Rocky Point offered in this unique vacation paradise that will make your dreams come true and exceed your expectations.