Rocky Point Rental Condos Offer Convenience

When choosing a suitable accommodation option, several factors come into play such as cost and convenience. Although most hotels are conveniently located in cities, they have been decreasing in popularity as a traveler’s accommodation choice. Initially, hotels were valued because of their location. Most hotels are located in cities or close to cities for easy access to the city and institutions that are traditionally found in cities. In the last few decades, transport and communication networks have significantly improved.

The improved transport networks have made it easy for people to move from one location to the other. This has in turn eliminated the need to stay close to the city since you are able to commute to your destination quickly. This shift in dynamics has hurt the hotels business. Travelers do not feel compelled to stay in hotels because they are centrally located. When visiting different destinations, they can stay in other modern, convenient, and pocket-friendly options such as Rocky Point rental condos. Vacation rentals also have more amenities as compared to hotels.

Peace and Privacy in a Condo

Travelers also enjoy high levels of privacy while staying in vacation rentals as compared to staying in a hotel. This is because a hotel is shared by many people at a time. In the peak seasons, for instance, the rooms are usually fully booked. The people’s privacy is often limited because they have to share certain areas such as pools, gyms, and the lounge.

In a rental property, however, the renter enjoys high levels of privacy as well as unbeatable amenities such as a private pool, a private parking, and a private balcony. Rental condos also give the renters the ability to cook their meals. This helps to reduce the overall cost of vacation since dining costs are eliminated. The travelers can also prepare and enjoy their family’s favorite meals even though they may be thousands of miles away from home. Vacation rentals also enable the family to enjoy their time together by being able to share common rooms and amenities. This helps to strengthen the family or friendship bonds.

If You Have a Property, trust Casago to manage it

Casago property management firm has been at the forefront of this revolution. We got into the business of property management more than two decades ago. We operate by signing an agreement with vacation homes and condo owners where they allow us to manage their properties and rent them out to travelers who are looking for vacation rentals.

Property owners not only enjoy a consistent flow of income from their properties but also benefit through the maintenance of their property. According to research, most vacation homeowners only use their property for a few weeks in a year. The rest of the time, the property sits empty.

An empty property can deteriorate fast due to vegetation growth and accumulation of debris. Property owners who sign up for our program do not need to worry about paying for maintenance of a property they use a few weeks per year. When we enter into an agreement with them, they can be sure that their property is well taken care of and earns them revenue.

Many investors earn a regular income from their properties through our program. This has encouraged more development and the growth of the real estate industry because the investors are enjoying good returns from their property.

Enjoy the Laid Back Vibe

Rocky Point Mexico, locally known as Puerto Peñasco, is a resort town located in the state of Sonora. This resort city is famous for its beautiful beaches that sit on the Gulf of California. This city is often referred to as the “Arizona” of Mexico due to its beautiful dunes and desert-like environment. If you are visiting the town, you can take advantage of the various vacation properties available for our clients in the area.

Rocky point Mexico is also popular with American college students who visit the city during their spring break to enjoy the warm sandy beaches. There are lots of things to do in this beautiful city. Apart from enjoying the beaches, sand dunes, and a resort environment, the following are some of the most popular things tourists do:

  • Visiting the old port – travelers can visit the historic port that served as the only port in and out of this area. The port has excellent bars where travelers can enjoy drinks and learn about the city’s history
  • Malecón Fundadores – this waterfront esplanade features several columns, benches, as well as a statue that honors the local shrimp fishermen.
  • Seashell Museum- the travelers can view thousands of seashells that are on display and learn more about seashells.
  • Visit the local restaurants – you can visit some of the restaurants here that prepare delicious meals and taste the regional cuisines that are very popular with tourists.