Pollo Lucas

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Pollo Lucas invites you under its big palapa roof with the scent of freshly grilled chicken. This place has a short menu, but what’s on it is as good as it gets. The star of the show is citrusy, marinated chicken, charred to smoky perfection. Add a tub of rich, spicy beans, some authentic Spanish rice, mild red salsa and, wow! You will not be disappointed.

Getting There

The restaurant is easy to find, just look for the big palapa as you drive along the towns’ main street, Benito Juarez. Reasonably priced and family friendly, Pollo Lucas is one of the Rocky Point restaurants you need to check out. There are numerous chicken places like Pollo Lucas around town, and they all have their fans. Pollo Lucas has just the right combination that makes it so well liked among all.

The restaurant is open-air, under a really big palm roofed palapa! This adds a nice exotic, tropical touch. Deep shade and lots of fans keep the palace cool in summer. Long dining tables emphasize the fact that this is family get-together food, and you will often find the place quite busy. Moreover, most of their business is take out. Call ahead to order, it would make great road trip or beachside food!

Chicken (Pollo)

This chicken has that south of Mexico flavor. The big, open grill lets the restaurant cook lots of chicken at once, helping to keep up with orders. It also serves as the best advertising possible, as the scent of the marinated, slightly charred chicken carries throughout the neighborhood. Salty and citrusy, this finger food makes you want to eat more and more. 

Rice (Arroz)

Something as basic as rice can be forgettable. Pollo Lucas adds just a touch of tomato sauce and spices to make the perfect Spanish rice, a traditional Mexican favorite. Moreover, nothing taste better than some rice on one of Lucas’ home made flour tortillas, covered with shredded chicken fresh from your plate. Toss on a little spicy tomato salsa and course green cabbage. Oh, and don’t forget the Coca Cola as well!

Local Tips

  • The staff only speaks Spanish, but the menu is simple and easy to follow. So, ordering shouldn't be an issue!
  • You can purchase chicken by the half or whole. It makes great to-go food for road trips!
  • No reservations accepted here.
  • They're closed on Wednesdays.
  • No alcohol is served here.


5/5 (10)
Daniel Soto
Best chicken in town, I can only say that.
Ana Lilia
If you come to Rocky Point you have to try this chicken. It is simply delicious, I highly recommend the beans they sell at this place, they are something extraordinary. You have to try them. The place is very comfortable and their prices are affordable.
Visiting this place with the family is the best way to enjoy a delicious chicken with beans and a very good service.
Juan Rojo
Pollo Lucas is my favorite place to eat every time I go to Rocky point, the service is great, and the waitresses are always so charismatic and have a great attitude. The chicken has no comparison to any other...it's so delicious! And those beans and rice always take me back to my grandma's homemade food. :)
William Pierce
Well y'all, if you're lookin' for some finger-lickin' good chicken, Pollo Lucas is the place to be! They've got grilled chicken and sides, could be beans, and they have a really good sauce and vegetables to compliment it. Let me tell you, the portions are big enough to fill up even the hungriest. And the prices are really reasonable, you won't break the bank. The atmosphere is really casual and perfect for families. The folks working there are friendly as can be and always keep an eye out to make sure you've got everything you need. Overall, Pollo Lucas is a top-notch choice for a tasty meal without all the fuss.
Issac Sanchez Lopez
This place has been my favorite spot for roasted chicken in town. This place has been in the business for a long time and the good chicken that they serve is why, absolutely delicious, and it's pretty cheap!!
Joseph Rahn
From the pleasant outdoor seating under the big palapa it was a truly amazing experience. The restaurant is family friendly and reasonably priced, and the staff was so friendly and accommodating. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for a unique experience.
Manuel Fernandez
The chicken is so juicy and perfectly cooked. They also have sides of this salad, rice, and beans. Its a must to order everything, they also serve hand made tortillas. This is the only place I trust that will always have delicious chicken.
Fernando S
The chicken is really good, Pollo Lucas is the Best!!
Ana Karen Villa
What I like about this chicken is that it is a complete meal, since it is accompanied by rice and tortillas, you can order to take away or eat there, it is a comfortable environment to go with the whole family and children.

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