Panadería La Tapatia

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Are you on the hunt for the best, most authentic Mexican baked goods in Rocky Point? The small business Panadería La Tapatia is a hidden gem and landmark in its own right. Since 1950, Peñasco residents have been loyal to this Panadería because the freshness and quality is unmatched. Check this place out the next time you're in Rocky Point and you'll quickly see why.

Getting There

La Tapatia is located at the intersection of Calle 18 and Venustiano Carranza, behind La Luz Del Mundo (Church) and Avocato. When driving down Venustiano Carranza, be sure to keep your eyes open for the tall, washed sign that reads panaderia or you could miss it. This bakery is very unassuming as they work out of a small cottage-style home. Park in the front along the gate or across the road. Also keep an eye out for the lit up "Open" sign in front.

The Bread (Pan)

What makes this bakery so special is that you can feel the passion for what they do. They bake all the bread in the special wood-burning brick oven built by the owners father. Every morning at 6AM, they begin preparing the dough in-house. Then, baking begins around 11:30AM. That's why they open from 12PM to around 4PM or until they sell out. You're guaranteed the freshest bread in town!

Types of Bakery Items

There is a large variety of pan dulce to choose from. Keep in mind, if you're used to pan dulce from the U.S., this bread won't be quite as sweet. However, it will be the freshest, most melt-in-your-mouth pan dulce you'll ever try!

  • Conchas
  • Panaderos de Fino
  • Empanadas
  • Galletas
  • Polvorones
  • Bolillos & More

How It Works

Upon entry, your nose will be filled with the mouth-watering scent of a bakery in full swing. You'll find a table to your right - this is you start and end your visit. On the left, you'll see the iconic wood-burning brick oven churning out bread every few minutes. Begin by grabbing as many plastic bags as you will need for your pastries on the cashier table. Don't forget to pick up a pair of tongs as well.

Now, comes the fun part! Walk around the trays along the walls, using the tongs to fill your bags with all the goodies. Once you're done, you can return the tongs to the front and check out with the cashier. As far as cost goes, it's a quite affordable snack - for around 10 pieces it's $5.00 USD.

Local Tips

  • Get there right at noon for the best selection!


5/5 (5)
Nidia Renteria
The famous bread of Panaderia la Tapatia is better than anything in the world. I recommend it.
Clarissa ML
This Bakery is the Best in town.
Francisco javier Rodriguez vazquez
The best handmade bread and cooked in a stone oven with Mezquite Wood.
Ana Karen Villa
Their warm and freshly baked bread has no comparison, it is the richest in Peñasco, they are in high demand so they run out of bread quickly, at home we love it and it is also accessible.
La Taparía or Don Nieves bakery is a must stop for locals and visitors, they have fresh baked bread in the morning and again at noon, the bread is really good. I enjoy having some bread with butter and coffee.

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