La Casa del Capitan

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Of all of the Rocky Point Mexico Restaurants you could choose, La Casa del Capitan is the most often recommended as the number one place to watch the sun dip into the ocean. Maybe even see the fabled green flash!

Why are Peñasco sunsets so uniquely spectacular? Might be the mix of clear skies mixed  with a touch of clouds from Baja, and just the right amount of humidity from the Sea of Cortez. One of the top things to do when the sky becomes a fiery light show, is to find exactly the right spot to take it all in.  


Up on the tallest hill in town, the great big terrace seems to float between the sea and sky. As the magic sunset moment approaches, people whip out cameras and cell phones to get a shot to make everyone back home jealous. You'll find La Casa del Capitan on Av Camino el Agua near the Malecon. It's also next door to the popular Pane e Vino Italian restaurant. 

The restaurant is striking in color, making it very hard to miss! There is plenty of seating along the balconies to ensure that every guest gets the stunning views they came here for.  Additionally, you can count on strolling Mariachis stopping by your table. Offering to sing classic love songs as dolphins show off in the ocean and the sun puts on a show above the water.

What's on the menu?

There is every Mexican and seafood dish you would expect on the menu. From fresh citrus ceviche to flounder and enchiladas. We recommend ordering anything seafood as that is their specialty! Reviews particularly rave about the ceviche and other shrimp dishes.

The strong drinks come in big goblets to add to the fun. Visitors particularly love their blended margaritas - they're dangerously good! 

Though they have an expansive menu, La Casa del Capitan is not famous for their food. Rather, it's famous for the refreshing cocktails and stunning views provided from every angle.


5/5 (6)
Nayelly Zuluaga
Best view in town is at Casa del Capitan. Sunsets and a margarita are a great combination . Love the good food with a view!
Juan Rojo
My family and I were amazed with the view the restaurant has at the outside, as well as the friendly customer service the waiters have when taking your order and how fluent their English were. It's a great place to have a delicious fresh meal, specially the seafood and that drink with tequila you guys hace, palomas, they're my favorite!
William Pierce
Y'all, I've gotta say, La Casa del Capitan is one of the best Mexican restaurants I've had the pleasure of dining at. Perched on a hill with a breathtaking view of the ocean, it's the perfect place to enjoy some top-notch Mexican cuisine. And let me tell you, their seafood is out of this world! Fresh, flavorful, and cooked to perfection, every bite was a true delight.
I love the variety in their Mexican food dishes and also fish and shrimp, the place is great and it has a beautiful view facing the sea, I highly recommend it.
David Mejorado
Definitely on my top 5 restaurants in Rocky Point. The view alone is worth the visit. It is without a doubt, the best place to watch a sunset in town. On top of that, add an amazing selection of seafood and Mexican platters. I can personally recommend the mixed kababs. No doubt that Casa del Capitan is a must-go!
William Heiser
La Casa del Capitan is the perfect spot for watching the sun dip into the ocean and the perfect spot for a romantic date. The views from their terrace are unbeatable. The seafood dishes are fresh and delicious. The Mariachis that come by make it an even more enjoyable experience. I will be back again soon.

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