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You can’t find a more ‘neighborhood’ restaurant in Rocky Point. In fact, without good directions, you might miss it altogether! Tucked a couple of blocks off of the pavement in the middle of town, Alaburgerconelchef serves up burgers that are as good as you can get anywhere.
Alaburgerconelchef is a play-on-words reference to an off-color Mexican expression. Suffice to say, the ‘chef’ here refers to the owner, Neftali Ponce Hernandez. When he is not grilling at this unassuming home/restaurant, he is Executive Chef at Restaurante Ola Mulata. This restaurant is located just outside town at the Grand Mayan Resort.

Getting There

The address is at Julian Bustamante 225 and Callejon Benito Juarez. From the Main Street Blvd. Josefa Dominguez, turn right at Sonoran Beef butcher shop. After two blocks, turn left, and the restaurant is on the corner.

A covered patio on the side of a house IS the restaurant. Don't let the fact that it's a patio only restaurant fool you, it's a lovely place to have a great meal! There are a few tables, lights strung overhead, and a big black board where the menu has been artfully written.

The menu isn't expansive, so ordering isn't a long process. As soon as you place your order, you will be immersed in the mouth-watering scents as the grill goes into action. Further, the simplicity of a menu focused on a few things done really well is always appreciated.

What's on the menu:

Classic Burger

Burgers are the star of the show here. Exceptional quality Sonoran Beef is grilled over mesquite wood the way you like and served on a homemade bun. Topped with sautéed mushrooms, lettuce tomato, and pickles, cheese and crispy bacon. Finally, they add a nice touch of house-roasted Habanero mayonnaise on top. This dish also comes with a side of buttered chambray potatoes.


A true desert adventure for your taste buds! An exotic mix of flavor honoring classic Sonora flavors. First, red fruit and berries are flambéed in Bacanora. This smoky, flavored alcohol is brewed from an agave plant that grows only in the Sierra Madre high country. Then they add basil and chiltepin, a tiny but ‘fuerte’ Sonoran chili, over vanilla ice cream.

Mesquite BBQ Smoked Ribs

First, ribs marinated in a special dry rub, including smoked sea salt. Served with those great chambray potatoes and corn on the cob.

Local Tips

  • This restaurant is a little tough to find, be sure to follow the directions above and keep an eye out.


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