Visitors are beginning to make their presence felt in town as the weekend gets underway.

These visitors will find that lots of what they love about Rocky Point is waiting, but with limits on large groups, and early closing times. More than anything, count on wearing a mask in public.

Beaches of course are the big reason for coming to town. Staying at an ocean front Resort allows you to access the part of the beach that the Resort has a concession for. Right where the Resort meets the sand. Typically, that will include shade palapas, volleyball court areas, etc.

But most of the beach and getting in the water are off limits. For now, enjoy the Resort pools or book a Sunset Cruise.

Here is up to date information on current safety restrictions put in place by the city of Puerto Peñasco, as of June 19th, 2020.

First of all, what is involved when you enter the city?

Entry Protocol for Tourists

  1.  Make sure to check the list of properties certified by the City they will be published on the official Puerto Peñasco City page: as well as on the site of the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau So you can choose a certified property to make your reservation. (Only reservations from properties in this list will be allowed into the city).
  2. On the day of your arrival be aware you will be stopped at a sanitary check point at the city entry.
  3. At this check point you must be ready with confirmation letter that includes the names of everyone in the car as well with everyones ID´s.
  4. Staff from the Convention and Visitors Bureau (OCV) will request identification from all passengers and check to see this coincides with the reservation, names, and date of entry on the list sent daily to the control point by the centers that have been certified by the City. If the information is not on the list, access will be denied. Upon verifying that all information is in order, guests will pass to the next filter.
  5. Personnel from the Navy and National Guard will take down information of vehicles and, with a thermal camera, take temperatures of all passengers in the vehicle. If everyone has a body temperature less than 37.5ºC (normal body temperature), they will be allowed entry.
  6. If any of the passengers has a high temperature, a second test will be done with a digital thermometer. If the person has a temperature less than 37.5ºC (normal body temperature), they will all be given entry to the city.
  7. In case this second test indicates a high temperature, the individual will be welcome to do a rapid test for Covid-19, with results in 15 minutes. If the passenger does not accept, entry into the city will be denied to all passengers. If undergoing the test, entry will be allowed depending on the test result.


Each certified resort and rental company is prepared to meet the guidelines required by the City. They are the ones in trouble if guests are not following guidlines! Therefore expect a zero tolerance approach from the Resorts themselves.

What to expect at your Resort/Hotel

  1. At the Entrance to the resort and or rental office, your temperature will be taken.
  2. At the entrance of restaurants, offices, and front desks you will be asked to clean your shoes using the trays with disinfectant solution.
  3. You will be asked to wear a facemask and use disinfectant gel during your visit before entering any office or establishment.
  4. Please avoid hanging out in groups.
  5. Maintain a healthy distance of a minimum of 5 feet at all places that you go, including the beach and pool areas.
  6. Look for signage and indications from the staff on the use of the elevators, pool and beach areas.
  7. You will be allowed to use only the beach area which is part of the resort concession, this does not include entering the water of the Sea of Cortez.
  8. Room service will not be offered.
  9. Club house will not be open for guests.

What to expect in town

  1. All businesses are closed by or before 10 pm to comply with the current curfew.
  2. The Malecon area is not open to the public, only certified restaurants (8 people per table).
  3. Only certified businesses and restaurants are open in town.
    All Restaurants are open at 40% capacity.
    Remember to wear your facemask at all times in public places.
    Be aware there are other restrictions at local establishments such as convenience stores, which do not allow the elderly person or children under 12 to enter.
  4. Sportfishing ALLOWED (70% capacity, incl. crew)
  5. Sunset cruises ALLOWED (50% capacity, incl. crew)
    Contact Senorita Rita to book.
  6. 10 PM to 6 AM Curfew in place.
  7. Masks are still MANDATORY in all public places.
  8. The Sanitary Filter will remain in place.
  9. Cemeteries will be closed on Father’s Day, Sunday, June 21st to prevent large gatherings.
  10. Limit on two people per vehicle has been lifted – Goal is to allow families on outings for essential services. Have face coverings/masks readily available as they are still required in all public spaces.
  11. Recommendation to not travel with minors under 12, or adults over 65. Some stores (supermarkets) do not allow entry for children under 12.
  12. Use of ATVS (max 1 person), and RZRs (max 2 people) is permitted, including rentals under strict health protocols. Rental companies must sign a Letter of Commitment with the city. Helmets required. Not to be used on main boulevards or beach, on dunes (regular ATV routes) permitted.

As time goes on we will see an easing of restrictions. Casago will keep you informed of changes as they happen. For more insite into the process as it happens, keep up to date by checking the webpage of the Puerto Peñasco Convention and Visitors Bureau at