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Are you visiting Rocky Point? Check out luxurious and comfortable Bella Sirena vacation rentals for a homebase from which to enjoy all that Rocky Point has to offer. Beach horseback riding, snorkeling on Bird Island with sea lions, engaging in ultra-light flight, Rocky Point zip lining, and Jet Skiing on the Cortez Sea are some of the things to do in Rocky Point while you stay at Bella Sirena on your vacation.

Bella Sirena Vacation Rentals

Bella Sirena vacation rentals are great for those who love old world elegance, beauty, and charm. This location offers a getaway together with a well-designed and well-planned community offering old world Mexican architecture and local cultures. You will get a gated community of vacation villa-style homes and condos. The rentals include panoramic ocean views, high ceilings, top notch appliances, granite countertops, slate floors, cobblestone walkways, and iron gates. Some vacation rentals are newly renovated with barbecue stations, two-car garage, and private Jacuzzis. The resort is ideal for nature lovers as they will have the opportunity to check out natural surroundings like the white sandy beaches, desert wildlife, tropical volcanic sites, and crystalline blue oceans. You will also experience friendly staff and excellent security. Hence, it’s ideal for both groups of friends and families.

We offer property management services to twenty-seven properties in the resort, and you can select from this wide variety of options. You can choose a condo or a home depending on your needs. If you want a lot of privacy, you can go for a villa comprising three bedrooms that will suit your family or friends.

We’ve gathered a list of some of the top restaurants to choose from in Rocky Point.

There are so many things to do in Rocky Point, and we put together the fun stuff for your vacation

Getting outdoors is important while you’re on Vacation. Check out these golfing, hiking, water related activities and more.

Rocky Point has no shortage of tours from many reputable companies. Get to know what is popular so you can make an educated decision.

From Boating to Swimming there are plenty of water sports activities to get you going in Rocky Point.

Rocky Point is a beautiful vacation location and there is no shortage of sightseeing tours to get to know the area.

Things to do at Bella Sirena Rocky Point Mexico

Beach Horseback Riding

This fun activity will get your heart beating as you ride on horseback along the beach. Making this ride especially during sunset is romantic, and it will get you and your friends excited. Bring a carrot for the horse and a camera to keep this memory alive.

Snorkel on Bird Island with Sea Lions

Ride on a boat to Bird Island and jump into the water with snorkel gear. Make sure the water spot is populated with sea lions. Ensure you use an underwater camera to capture pictures of these amazing creatures as they approach you with their large brown eyes. You will enjoy swimming with the sea lions.

Ultra-light Flight

Fly on an ultra-light aircraft that looks like hang glider from the ground. Take this ride on the beach and have the bird’s sight from above. The flight is exciting and takes around twenty minutes. You will get a boost of adrenaline and enjoy a stunning view of Rocky Point from the sky.

Rocky Point Zip Line

Rocky Point has a zip line in Competition Hill at Cholla Bay. The location comprises a large sand patch where sand rails, all-terrain vehicles, and quads race up and down a massive mound of sand. Zip down the hill stylishly without having to touch the sand.

Jet Ski on the Cortez Sea

Get on a jet ski and ride the sea waves. Rocky Point lacks surfing waves, and so you can ride your jet ski from one spot on the sandy beach to another across flat waters. You can get affordable Jet Ski rentals. You can even take a trip on the Jet Ski to Cholla Bay by going around the peninsula.