Woodley Island Marina

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As a full-service Marina, Woodley Island is the largest marina in all of Humboldt Bay! Every facility and service you can imagine can be found here at this top-notch Marina. If you love traveling along the California Coast by boat, this is a must-stop area. It's also a lovely spot for a stroll as you admire the coming and going of ships and park. Additionally, there is a hip and modern cafe nearby with incredible views.

About Woodley Island

Woodley Island is open to the public, 365 days of the year. Not only is Woodley Island the largest Marina in Humboldt, but the Bay itself is the second largest in the State. It offers slips for both commercial and recreational vessels as well as guest docking. Make sure to double-check if you'll be in the area during open season - you'll be able to purchase fresh seafood right off the boat! There is plenty going on all year round.

Even if you don't have a boat of your own, this is a note-worthy spot to add to your bucket list for a peaceful outing. Sit in the park area which has grass and benches and unwind to the sound of the boats coming and going. Or, meditate to the sound of still water and birds flying above. Most of the island is protected since it's home to dozens of bird species. It's a bird-watchers paradise, especially when over 100,000 birds migrate through the area!

Marina Services & Rates

This marina is considered a "Full Service" marina so there are plenty of facilities available for your use. The daily rate vastly varies depending on the length of your boat, the duration of your stay, and the amount of facilities you need access to. The full pricing information can be found on Humboldt Bay's official website. However, for transient tenants the rate is $0.75/foot/day, $3.88/foot/week, or $11.64/foot/month. Though prices are always subject to change and availability of slips varies as well.

Here is a few of the most in-demand facilities:

  • Washers & Dryers
  • Storage Areas & Parking Lot
  • Kayak Rack Rentals
  • Sewage or Bilge Pump-out
  • Forklift Availability
  • Restrooms
  • Fish Cleaning Station
  • Electricity & Water on Dock
  • Phone Service on Dock

Cafe Marina

Enjoy a fine dining experience overlooking Humboldt Bay! Picture yourself with a fresh-caught fish grilled to perfect and glass of wine in hand and the breeze blowing just before sunset! Cafe Marina is the only restaurant on the Island, though there are plenty of eateries along the Bay if you want to go off the island while still having Bay Views. They offer fresh seafood, tasty cocktails, and great service. Prices are moderate and they serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Local Tips

  • Humboldt Bay is open to fishing year-round.
  • Minimum boat length is 12' and maximum is 131'
  • Fuel, groceries, and restaurants are all available across the channel in downtown Eureka.
  • A boat ramp, boat yard, RV park, and airport are nearby.


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