Big Tree Wayside

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Looking to visit one of the largest trees in the county? Big Tree Wayside or "Big Tree" as many call it, is a popular landmark inside the Prairie Creek State Park. As one of the most mature and giant old-growth coast redwoods, you can bet Big Tree attracts many visitors annually!

Getting to Big Tree Wayside

Just off the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway, you'll find this entrance to the Prairie Creek State Park. It's a very easy hike from the parking lot to the tree. It's just about a 5-10 minute walk a couple hundred meters away.

This is considered a very easy hike, though it's more of a stroll through the entrance of the park. All ages are able to enjoy a visit to Big Tree!

About Big Tree

This is a very popular activity for those who don't have much time or prefer to not hike much, but still want to see some incredible redwood trees. You can get in and out in under an hour while still taking time to admire and experience the area around Big Tree.

Big Tree is an estimated 1,500 years old and over 350 feet high - Don't let the photos fool you, it's much bigger in person!

Park Rules

Here, dogs are not allowed. The reason being that they want to ensure that this area is protected and preserved. The activity is also free and there are no reservations necessary for this year-round visit. However, there may be a parking fee that goes to the funding the State Parks.


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Local Tips

  • Open 24 Hours
  • Inside Prairie Creek State Park
  • No Pets Allowed
  • Great for people on a time crunch!


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