The Heard Museum, the Phoenix Zoo, and the Arizona Science Center. These are some of the more popular points of interest in Phoenix Arizona. But there are many other places around the city that may not be as famous, but are just as interesting. When you are staying at one of our vacation rentals, be sure to check out these sites.

For lovers of the outdoors, take a hike on the Cholla Trail. This three mile trail takes you through some of the most beautiful natural scenery in Phoenix. A warning, the trail is difficult, and you should be in good shape before tackling it. For those looking for an easier hike and gorgeous scenery, there is the Lookout Mountain Preserve. It is not very crowded, and you will be able to see various cacti and wildlife. Easier trails are at the base of the mountain, while the more difficult ones are closer to the top.

For more places to visit, spend some time at the Martin Auto Museum. Browse through numerous cars from the past, all maintained in pristine condition. For the more artistically inclined, take a trip to Circle 6 Studios and experience glass blowing first hand. Watch vases, sculptures and other works of art being put together on the spot. The studio even offers classes in the technique.

When you are done with a day of touring, it’s time to eat, and there are a few unique restaurants in Phoenix Arizona. The Farm at South Mountain does farm to table fare, while Two Hippies Beach House serves some of the best tacos in the city, which can be eaten outside on picnic benches next to a VW bus.

While staying at one of our vacation rentals, ask property management for directions to these places, or about other off the beaten path places to explore in Phoenix.