Scottsdale Arizona is a city that many people love to visit. With more than 320 days of sunshine a year, an average winter temperature of 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and more golf courses and spas than you could visit in a month, it makes an ideal vacation spot. A great way to enjoy the pleasures of the area and stretch your stay like a local is to look through the rental homes available so you feel like you’re at home on your vacation.

Not All Vacation Rentals are Alike

There are apps to find deals on hotels or even homes that are rented out by private owners to make a few extra bucks. Even better are rental homes that are managed full time by professional property management companies. A company that focuses on developing and caring for the best vacation rentals delivers more value to the customer than a homeowner who rents out rooms part time. Feeling at home beats the temporary feel of a hotel, and so you will appreciate the value of renting a vacation home with a full kitchen where you can enjoy meals in the dining room or on the deck, as well as optional amenities like your own pool, available in many rental homes.

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So Much to do in Scottsdale

Beyond the consistently warm and sunny days and the more than 50 golf courses to choose from in the area, Scottsdale offers shopping, arts and architecture, hiking and mountain biking, spas and resorts to relax and rejuvenate, and much, much more. When you live in a rental home in the city, you have time and leisure to savor the area just as you would at your own home.

Old Town Scottsdale has pubs and cafes, local shops and art galleries, and plenty of the culture and history that reverberate through the area, bringing the past and present together in surprising ways. Wander beneath the olive trees that have spanned over the street for many years and check out Cavalliere’s Blacksmith Shopped, owned and run by successive generations in Scottsdale. Visit Kerr Cultural Center, the Hoo Hoogam Ki Museum, or The Little Red Schoolhouse to get a sense of life in town in previous centuries.

Pleasant desert evenings make the ideal time to stroll Old Town and its collection of nine walkable areas to experience new delights. Shop with the best along Fifth Avenue, dine and sample the fruits of local vines at tasting rooms run by regional wineries along the Scottsdale Wine Trail, view beauty and history at art galleries and museums in the Arts District, and take in some fun and laughs in the Entertainment District.

Float Away for the Day

When you are comfortably settled into your vacation rentals in Scottsdale Arizona you have a home base to return to after you wander the area, near and far. With no concerns like check in or check out time as at a hotel, your schedule is your own. You eat what you want when you want from your own kitchen, perhaps enjoying an evening snack on the deck as you watch the stars, with all the comfort rental homes allow you and your family throughout your stay. And there is no shortage of fun to explore around Scottsdale, so plan to stay awhile.

Hot air balloons fly regularly and you can get a lift. See the desert from the air and rise above the crowds as your pilot guides you safely up with a roar of hot air and then glides with the breeze above Arizona to return you gently back to solid ground. Or put your feet up and glide downriver on a tube with a rental from Fort McDowell Adventures. Get ready to get wet floating down the Salt River for the afternoon, knowing you have the comforts of your rental home to return to after a long day in the sun.

Tour Taliesin West

Legendary American architect Frank Lloyd Wright loved Scottsdale Arizona so much he created his winter home here, called Taliesin West. The home was active as his seasonal home and architecture school from 1937 to 1959. Visitors flock to the site to go through the unique piece of living history and learn more about the work and life of Wright.

Feel Like You’ve Moved In

Whatever side of Scottsdale Arizona you intend to enjoy the most, golfing or spas, shopping or dining, hiking or mountain biking, river trips or hot air balloons, get the most out of your stay by choosing one of the vacation rentals offered by property management professionals. Vacation from the comfort of your own private home as you savor the tastes of Arizona.