Condos vs Hotels in Phoenix, Arizona

An Introduction to Phoenix, Arizona

The sunny southwestern city of Phoenix Arizona is the fifth largest city within the United States, playing home to just over 1.6 million people. The city is a true metropolis in every sense of the word, offering visitors and residents alike an unparalleled variety of culture, cuisine, leisure activities, natural scenery, and cutting-edge infrastructure.

When it comes to finding exciting and unique things to do in and around the city, there is nearly an unlimited number of options. Tourists that visit the city can enjoy popular attractions such as hot air balloon rides, the Phoenix Arizona Zoo, Phoenix Theather, Desert Botanical Garden, Camelback Mountain hikes, Grand Canyon trails, and much more.

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Choosing a Place to Stay That Feels Right

When deciding on where to stay when visiting the city, many tourists make the mistake of opting to stay at one of the run-of-the-mill hotels offered around the area. While hotels are a wonderful place to stay during certain circumstances, rental condos are likely to offer you much more for your money. The next time you visit Phoenix, consider renting a condo instead of a hotel. In the article below we’ll walk you through the many advantages that condos have over traditional hotels.

Condos Are Usually Located in a Better Area

A major downside to hotels is often times their location. While a middle of the city hotel location can be a great place to stay during a business trip, the hustle and bustle of the local area can present a stressful and overstimulating environment for anyone new to the area. Hotels are usually only found in business districts of cities, far away from the more peaceful suburbs that we all often long for when we are visiting a new place.

Rental condos don’t face the same type of location-based restrictions that hotels are forced to endure. Condos can be found anywhere, such as in a peaceful residential area, in a business or commercial area, beachfront, in a rural area, or anywhere else that hotels often aren’t located in. If you truly want an environment that is more calm, tranquil, and feels like home, a condo is one of the vacation rentals that you’ll want to seek out.

Condos Are Usually Larger Than Hotel Rooms

A major advantage that a condo has over a more traditional hotel room is square footage. Condos offer a home-like experience, usually offer 1-3 bedrooms, 2-3 bathrooms, a full-size kitchen, a yard, and other attractive size-based amenities that you just won’t find with a hotel. With most condos being quite affordable in their rental rates, you are almost always going to get far more space for your money then what you would find at a hotel.

Condos Can Offer You Cheaper Meals

When it comes to affordable dining for vacation rentals, you really cannot beat what a condo has to offer. Yes, room service is fantastic and hotel meals are usually quite good. What is not good about hotel food, however, are the absolutely ridiculous prices that you are forced to pay for even the simplest of meals. Since condos have a fully functional kitchen, they provide you with the ability to shop for your own food and prepare it yourself, just like you would at home. Many prominent property management companies claim that condos can save tourists as much as 60 percent on food and dining expenses.

Condos Will Usually Offer Extra Amenities

Rental condos usually offer far more amenities than what you will find in a standard hotel room. For example, it is not uncommon to rent a condo that offers a DVD collection, books to read, children’s toys, yard furniture, a washer and dryer, board games, hiking gear, binoculars, and more. You just will not find these types of amenities at a hotel, even luxury hotels will not have them. If you are interested in knowing exactly what your condo rental selection possesses by way of amenities, then simply ask the property management company assigned to the building.

Phoenix Offers Condos That Are Cheaper Than Hotels

Anyone that has stayed in both a condo and a hotel in Phoenix, Arizona knows that condos are the far cheaper option. A fact that may surprise many tourists coming to the city is that condos can sometimes be offered for 50 percent less than a small hotel room. The reason a condo is usually cheaper than a hotel is that condos incur far less overhead costs. With hotels, they are paying massive overhead costs to run and maintain themselves, whereas, many condo rentals are privately owned and incur substantially less or minimal maintenance costs. You not only get more space, a functional kitchen, and a more comfortable living environment, but you also save huge money that you could not save if you rented a tradition hotel room.