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Nothing says adventure in Sedona quite like a rugged Jeep tour! At Red Rock Western Jeep Tours, you can choose from a variety of tours that will match you and your groups' needs. From Canyons & Cowboys to Soldier's Pass Trail, this is guaranteed to be a blast for everyone involved. Additionally, these tours offers incredible opportunities for photos!

These tours are great outdoor activity that will allow you to explore more of Sedona in a shorter amount of time. In addition, it's safe for all ages above 3. Jeep tours also provide a great alternative for people who are not interested in hiking, but would still like to experience all the landmarks and scenery the town has to offer.

Popular Choices at Red Rock Western Jeep Tours:

Canyons & Cowboys Jeep Tour - The Most Popular

The Canyons & Cowboys tour is acclaimed as a true Western historic experience. A few places you will pass through include Lizard Head Rock, Balancing Rock, Dry Creek Basin, and more. If you're looking for adventure combined with story-telling, this is for you! Moreover, you will get to enjoy the majestic views and photo opportunities of seven canyons!

Soldier's Pass Trail Jeep Tour - The Most Exclusive

What makes this the most exclusive tour? Your route will take you through some of the most famous landmarks and photo-spots. A route that is exclusive to this Jeep touring company. The stops include the Seven Apache Pools and the Devil's Kitchen Sinkhole.

Easy on Asphalt Tour - The Most Smooth

Get all the scenery of Sedona without the bumpy, rugged ride. This relaxing choice takes you on a smoother trail. For those with back and neck problems or other injuries this is the best option. It's important to mention that you will have to sign an acknowledgement of risk. These tours are not recommended for people with serious injuries. Furthermore, pregnant woman are not permitted on any Jeep tour.

Sedona Red Rock & Blue Sky Tour - The Most Exciting/Adventurous

Craving a little more adventure? Try the Red Rock & Blue Sky Tour. Aside from your Jeep tour, you will also get a short helicopter tour! Experience the best of Sedona from land and sky!

Note: For most tours, the more people in your group, the better. Prices decrease if you have a full party to fill the Jeep. Jeeps can fit up to 6-7 people including your guide. Of course, this depends on the size of the people in your party. For example, this is much more likely if your party includes small children.

*Pricing is based on the Cowboys & Canyon Tour*

What’s Included

  • Personal guided tour of the canyons - time and route is dependent on which tour you choose.
  • Scenic and Panoramic Views
  • 2-3 Hour Tour in a custom Red Rock Western Jeep
  • Short stops throughout for photos, stretching, and exploring.

Local Tips

  • To book for a single person, you must call the reservationists.
  • Red Rock Western Tours often has coupons if you book online - sometimes there is even a Groupon available.
  • The more people in your group, the more affordable this activity is.
  • Children under 16 years old must be accompanied by an adult for this tour.


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