For those planning a visit to the Redwood National Park, there are some exceptional hikes to take. There is nothing quite like the first experience with these nearly prehistoric towering trees, with their enormous trunks and stunning greenery. Yet, this park has so much to see and do. Choosing the best Redwoods hiking trails allows you to see and experience it all at its best.

If you’re looking for hikes in Redwood National Park, these are the top-recommended options. There is something for just about everyone here.

Tall Trees Grove Loop Trail

If you are looking for Redwood hiking trails that give you an exceptional view of the tall trees but you also want a route that’s less tourist-focused, choose this one. It takes about 2 hours to complete and can be challenging in some areas. It’s best to visit this trail during the fall and spring months. It’s about 3.6 miles long, with the trail starting near Trinidad.


James Irvine Trail

Located in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, the James Irvine Trail is by far one of the best hikes in Redwood National Park or the surrounding areas. The old growth redwoods tower over you throughout this area. There are some exceptional views of the dense forest. This is not a trip for just anyone, though, as it is 10 miles to complete the full hike. It links to Fern Canyon Hike. It’s a fascinating experience no matter when you take it.


Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail

There is a bit of an easier option available for those who may be looking for the best trails in Redwood National Park for those just getting started. The Lady Bird Johnson Grove Trail is a 1.5 mile loop. It’s located close to Orick and takes about 35 minutes to complete. This area is a popular walking route and a good starting point for seeing the area. It’s beautiful, too, with the old growth redwoods in the background.


Damnation Creek Trail

This is a fantastic trail and a bit different than the others you will find. There is a lot more plant life here, and you’ll find a dense forest that’s teaming with wildlife under the canopy of the redwoods. Redwood National Park hikes like this are statements because of the beauty they offer. This is an out and back trail that is about four miles long. You will spend about a mile or so of that in the redwoods, and then you’ll be in a dense spruce tree area.

Experience The Magic of Redwood Hikes

These are some of the best Redwoods hiking trails in the area, and they have so much to offer those who are visiting for the first time or just looking for a new place to explore the area. As you check out the best hikes in Redwood National Park, be sure to spend at least a few minutes marveling at the ecosystem that is present here. The scent, the immense growth of the trees, and the stunning wildlife will keep you entranced throughout your experience.


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