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Phoenix Arizona is one of the most popular places to visit in the southwestern portion of the United States. Famed for its warm weather, welcoming atmosphere and beautiful nature, Phoenix is a great location for a short or long term vacation. In fact, many people end up moving to Arizona because of the warm weather and affordable living costs. Even during the winter months, Phoenix rarely hits below freezing. During the summer and spring months, days are long and hot. Located just a short drive from the mountains, this city is a great place for travelers who love outdoor activities such as hiking and biking.

While there are countless hotels from which to choose in Phoenix, this accommodation type is not the best option for the area. Rental homes are becoming an increasingly popular option in the Phoenix area. These vacation rentals tend to be higher quality than hotels and other traditional accommodation types. Some people wrongly assume these vacation options are only available for longer rental periods. In reality, a rental home can be rented for any period of time from one day to six months. Here are some benefits to staying in a vacation rental in Phoenix.

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Hotels and other accommodation options typically have a limit or on how long or short a stay that guests can book. For example, many hotels don’t allow bookings for over a month. When booking a rental home in Phoenix, visitors can stay for as short or as long as they wish. There is no minimum or maximum. This flexibility cannot be found at other accommodation options. Visitors looking for a relaxed and stress-free vacation will appreciate this flexibility and freedom.

Feeling at Home

The feeling of being at home is another major advantage to renting a home while visiting Phoenix. Hotels often feel sterile and unfamiliar to guests. When visiting a beautiful city like Phoenix for a longer period of time, it is important to feel at home. A vacation rental feels like a home because it is one. These houses are simply rented to visitors when they visit. There are no conforming designs or room layouts that will make guests feel uncomfortable.

Having a Kitchen

Another benefit of having a rental home is having a kitchen. One of the downsides to staying in a hotel is having to eat out for every meal. While this is great to try the local cuisine, it can end up costing a lot of money. Having a kitchen also contributes to the feeling of being at home. Guests can cook their own meals and enjoy an evening inside before heading to Phoenix at night. A rental home also makes it possible for visitors to invite friends over for dinner or a get-together.

Enjoy an Evening at Home

Hotels don’t offer much in the realm of privacy for relaxing in the evening. There are typically communal areas where guests can sit, but these spaces aren’t very cozy. Having a vacation rental makes it possible for visitors to relax at home in the evening when going into town sounds like too much work. It is nice to have these options when visiting Phoenix for vacation. Even though there are endless possibilities in the city, sometimes visitors just want to relax at home. Vacation rentals make that possible.

Unique Amenities

While hotel rooms are uniform and don’t vary much at all, there are countless rental homes from which to choose in the Phoenix area. Visitors can choose homes with unique amenities to make their stays more special. Some travelers like to rent a home with a pool, while others prefer a home with a large yard.

If you’re visiting Phoenix, staying in a vacation rental is a much better alternative than staying in a hotel. Not only is this option more affordable, it also offers unbeatable flexibility and comfort. It’s hard to beat the feeling of home while on vacation.

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