Planning a Wedding at Snowshoe Mountain Resort

Trying to decide where to have your big day? If you’re looking for a beautiful, mountainous location then this is your spot! Read more about Snowshoe weddings and a few things to consider while planning your big day.


Choosing The Right Ceremony Location

If you’re looking for a smaller, more intimate wedding then you may want to get married at the resort’s chapel. This venue won’t be able to accommodate a big wedding, but it’s ideal for a small wedding. If you’re planning a large wedding, the Mountain Lodge Lawn is a great outdoor choice, and there’s an elegant ballroom to handle any indoor events.


Best Spots For Pictures

Long after your special day is over, you’ll be able to relive it through the pictures of the event. The mountain and outdoor venue are perfect backdrops for your pictures. With astonishing views everywhere you look, you’re sure to get great photos from your big day.

The Mountain Lodge Lawn is one of the best picture spots. Overlooking both the mountains and the lake, the views here are incredible.