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Our company is a vacation rentals property management firm that represents property owners of homes and condos across United States and Mexico. We have been in the business of managing properties for over 20 years, and we have established a reputable name for our firm over the years. We started out as a local property management company in Rocky Point Mexico before we rapidly expanded our services to include the major cities in Mexico. Besides managing properties in Mexican cities, we also have a presence in US cities. Some of the Mexican cities that we have a presence include Cancun, Riviera Nayarit, Rocky Point, Puerto Vallarta, Cabo San Lucas, and Puerto Aventuras. In United States, we offer our services in cities such as Phoenix, Scottsdale, Santa Barbara, and Tucson.

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Why is staying in a rental homes a better option as compared to staying in a hotel room?

You won’t have to eat every meal at a restaurant

If you choose to stay in a vacation rental, you will not have to wait for the hotel staff to bring you breakfast, lunch, or supper. Vacation homes always feature a kitchen that is fully equipped to enable you to cook food for yourself. Having access to a kitchen will ensure you watch what you eat as you decide on what to cook. You will also get to use ingredients that you are familiar with. As a result, you will live as if you are still in your home because you will get to decide what to eat and at what time.

Great for families or groups

Vacation rentals are ideal for a large group. If you are visiting Riviera Nayarit Mexico as a group, it will be more convenient to stay in rental homes as compared to staying in a hotel room. Most hotel rooms only offer accommodation for a couple and often lack the option of accommodating a large group or family that is visiting the city. If you are traveling as a group and you need accommodation, it will be convenient to live in a vacation home since the home can accommodate a larger number of people. When staying in a rental home, you will not need to separate as is the case when staying in separate hotel rooms.

Saves Money

It is cheaper to get accommodation in vacation rentals as opposed to staying in a hotel room. If you decide to get accommodation in a rental home when visiting the city, you will save more money as compared to living in a hotel. By cooking your meals, for instance, you will not have to buy food at inflated prices. Moreover, hotels charge on a daily basis and this can be expensive if you plan to live for a longer period as compared to vacation homes that charge on a monthly basis. Some vacation homes offer a financial refund if you decide to vacate the home before the duration paid for expires.

You enjoy a lot of privacy when living in rental homes as compared to hotel rooms. By choosing to live in a vacation home, you will not need to stick to schedules that hotels often have in their services. Hotels often have schedules that allocate time for the rooms to be cleaned or when meals are to be served. Each client should adhere to such schedules. If you opt for a vacation home, you will not have to allow strangers into your home and this eliminates the inconveniences that come with sticking to hotel schedules.

Property managers or their agencies offer customer services. Staying in a hotel room, on the other hand, can be a difficult adventure if you are new to the city. There is limited help from the hotel management in terms of logistics. Living in a vacation home, however, ensures that you are never alone. This is because the property management is often available to provide you with the necessary logistics and information that is essential in making your stay more comfortable.

Save money and See More

Many people visit Riviera Nayarit Mexico throughout the year due to its numerous tourist attraction sites. Some people, however, avoid making such trips because they fear the expenses. Visiting the city does not need to be an expensive undertaking because you can take various steps to save a significant amount of your money. One of the major ways you will save cash if you are visiting Riviera Nayarit Mexico is to live in a rental home rather than staying in a hotel room. Besides being relatively cheaper, staying in a vacation home also has other benefits over staying in a five-star hotel.