When you are considering a vacation within the United States, Tucson is an excellent option at anytime of the year. What you don’t know about visiting Tucson is how old it is. This city was founded in 1776, making it one of the oldest cities to visit in the United States. In addition, you can enjoy warm and sunny weather for approximately 350 days a year. Tucson has a large population who enjoy living in a year-round friendly climate that makes it easy to participate in outdoor activities. It is easy to visit different locations by using public transportation or taxicabs.

Places to Visit in Tucson

While traveling in Tucson, you can visit the desert regions nearby to see its unique plants and wildlife. There are also outdoor activities available such as golfing or hiking. In addition, there are numerous indoor attractions in this city, including:


If you want to listen to music or watch a performance while you are in Tucson, then there are several venues that offer events throughout the year. Check these locations for information about performances:

  • Arizona Theater Company
  • Tucson Symphony Orchestra
  • Broadway in Tucson
  • Arizona Onstage Productions
  • Arizona Opera

Delicious Cuisine

When you are hungry in this city, you can find several types of cuisines, but you should try some of the traditional Mexican-style recipes.


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