Sedona, Arizona is a combination of a resort and a beautiful, rugged landscape. This beautiful city is considered a place of spirituality and healing because Native Americans are considered sacred here. People come for the soothing spas, nearly two million acres of gorgeous forest land and the recreational activities. You are always close to incredible watersports including swimming, snorkeling, boating and kayaking. The vacation rentals are exquisite due to the excellent property management.

The Riverbanks

During the summer, this city is a sensational escape from the hot desert temperatures encompassing a good portion of Arizona. The water holes will beckon you and the shady trails are delightful. You do not want to miss the excitement of kayaking or rafting on the Colorado river. Rafting is an unforgettable adventure filled with adrenaline and certain to make amazing memories. If you prefer a more peaceful and relaxing afternoon, there is nothing quite like a kayak. You will also enjoy taking a stroll along the glistening riverbanks. The canopy of trees will provide you with shade, the landscaping is stunning and the ducks passing by are charming. Northern Arizona offers natural beauty around every bend in the river.

The Verde River

The Verde River travels throughout Northern Arizona and offers mild temperatures. This is the perfect place for canoeing, fishing, having a picnic or exploring the cool sensation of the waters. Depending on the season, you can enjoy seeing great blue heron, coyotes, mule deer, ducks, toads, hawks, raccoons, beavers and toads as you drift along the peaceful water. The Verde River and the surrounding area is the home for almost twenty endangered or threatened species including southwestern bald eagles, lowland leopard frogs, river otter and southwestern willow flycatchers. This is a paradise for animal lovers and watersports enthusiasts.

Fishing for Trout

One of the most magnificent trout streams is found in Sedona. Oak Creek is a dreamy landscape filled with beautiful scenery. The fishery is amazing and flows through a deep gorge in the canyon as it heads downstream. Rainbow trout are stocked in the water throughout the year in addition to the wild brown trout. These trout can be traced all the way back to the beginning of the 1900’s. If you are interested in fishing in one of the most beautiful places in the world, this is exactly where you need to be.

Tours of the Verde River

Sedona, Arizona has everything including breathtaking rivers, rugged terrain, beautiful vacation rentals, exceptional property management and guided tours of the Verde River. You can experience the little rapids with your family, including children age seven and above. There are a variety of tours to choose from including upstream shuttles, river adventures, time on the Verde River and the thrill of the sporty rapids. Bring your best smile, your anticipation for fun and adventure and your waterproof camera. You do not want to miss out on the opportunity to take pictures as you explore the Verde River.

Tours of Oak Creek Canyon

Another exceptional idea is touring Oak Creek Canyon or taking advantage of the self guided options. The Verde River is the basis for a tour including both water and wine. You will enjoy the calm floating pools and the exhilarating chutes. This adventure is perfect for both couples and singles. The average length of the tours are between two and five hours. They are also available on different days of the week for your convenience. Depending on the tour you choose, you have the chance to experience either inflatable or traditional kayaks. The intensity of each tour varies to meet the adventure in everyone. The wine tour starts with an excellent, guided kayak trip along a phenomenal stretch of the Verde River. You will experience the glorious shade of the giant Cottonwood trees and an ethereal path to the vineyards. Your day on the water will be perfectly offset with an exquisite wine tasting. This is an exceptional way to experience some of the best the city has to offer.

The Colorado River

The beauty of the Colorado River is renowned. This river runs throughout a lot of the Southwest and has created masterpieces including Lake Powell and the Grand Canyon. You may come for a white water rafting tour or a relaxing and scenic float. Either way you will see breathtaking scenery and your experience will be unforgettable. If you are in need of relaxation, you can enjoy one of the most lovely and unique stretches of river the western United States has to offer. Just relax and listen to the stories your guide will tell about the crystal clear waters, the majestic cliffs, the explorers of the past and the local wildlife. If you want adventure, nothing will get your adrenaline pumping faster than a white rafting tour on the grand Colorado River.