There are so many beautiful resorts and condos in the Sedona area, contacting a property management company for your perfect vacation rentals will save you time, money, and aggravation. Are you visiting the area for relaxation, adventure, or a possible spiritual retreat?

You’ll find several tours that will deliver everything you dreamed of and more.

Scenic Sedona Tours

To get you started on an easy and relaxed tour, you’ll be picked up in a van or mini-bus at your hotel or an agreed upon location. Your guide will take you through Oak Creek Canyon with stops at Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, and the famous church protruding out of a cliff, known as the Chapel of the Holy Cross. Your guide will entertain you with bits of information about the area, including history, plant life, and the climate. You’ll have stops along the way for beautiful photo shots. It will last about 3 hours, including stopping along roadside stands to see amazing Native American jewelry and crafts.

Boynton Canyon Tours

Feel like taking it easy today? Here’s another relaxed tour of Sedona and Boynton Canyon on a wooden trolley with open sides. This tour is about 1 -1/2 hours long, with a great overview of the city and Boynton Canyon. You’ll pass through Jordan Park, a historical four acre park, and home to the Heritage Museum. Then it’s on to the canyon for breathtaking views of the famous red rock. Your guide will point out places that were used in filming old Hollywood westerns. You’ll have stops along the way that are interesting landmarks and great photo opportunities. It’s a very fun and restful way to see the sights!

ATV Adventures

For those of you who enjoy getting out in nature, this 40-mile guided off-road adventure will take you through the West Sedona Valley. Young drivers are welcome! You’ll get to explore some of the canyons and mountains with your guide as you travel down gravel roads, made for off-road vehicles. You’ll have time to stop and take in the views, especially of the Verde Valley looking down from Skeleton Bone Mountain. The ride will take about three hours.

Off-Road Jeep Tours

Leave the driving to your guide as you travel through Bear Wallow Canyon. These special 4 x 4 Jeeps will take you through byways, trails, and back roads to see some of the area’s most stunning scenery. You’ll climb the old Mongollon Rim as you pass through red rock. You can choose either a 1.5 hour ride or a 2 hour ride.


Join a guided hike into the red rock canyons for an unforgettable experience. There are Level 1 and Level 2, depending on your skill level and distance. There are also one day hikes, two day hikes and more. There’s just something amazing about walking through ancient formations, towers, and pinnacles surrounding you. You’ll be given a backpack, a walking pole, with snacks and a picnic lunch for a one day hike while your guide shares their knowledge of the different plants and rock formations.

Vortex Adventure

There are trails to hike that aren’t as well-known as others. There are also ceremonial healing gatherings, and spa-like experiences. It’s up to you to decide which is the best one for you. The Coconino National Forest is known as an area for spiritual healing, yoga, and meditation. A special permit is needed to enter the forest, but your guide will have a permit. By having the permit, you’ll be taken to places that are more private. These spiritual and shamanic ceremonial events are held in very safe locations, surrounded by the beautiful vistas of stone spires, red rock, crimson cliffs, and gorgeous sandstone. There are one day trips or longer for singles and also for couples to become more energized, peaceful, and rejuvenated.

By contacting a property management company, you’ll receive expert advice for your vacation rentals. Why not make your stay in this beautiful part of Arizona one of your most unforgettable times of your life?