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There's nothing more relaxing than a spa day! Treat yourself at La Bella Spa, one of the only full-service day spas in Rocky Point.

La Bella Spa has been in business for over 8 years. They have a team of 7 ladies that do the treatments and they provide incredible services. Just check out their reviews on Google and you'll see that they have nothing short of glowing, positive feedback. They are quite easy to locate as they are on the corner of Calle Manuel Arista 70. The building is medium in size with white paint and "La Bella Spa" signs all over. Inside, they have a sectional couch for waiting and products on shelves you can browse. There are only a couple spa massage chairs available, but they are not too busy. If you are hoping to visit on the weekend, we highly recommend calling ahead to make an appointment.


There are over five different types of massages to choose from. These options include Relaxing, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic, Reflexology, Hot Stone, and Lymphatic. Each of these types of massages have specific benefits to offer based on what your body needs! With a Deep Tissue massage, your therapist will use high-pressure techniques to work out all the knots and tight areas that need attention. A Therapeutic massage typically offers a full sensory experience with calming music, massage oils and scents, and more. Lymphatic massages are quite unique as your therapist will work on all your lymphatic areas to increase blood circulation, release liquids and reduce bloating. Of course, for a general massage for relaxing, you'll want to go with the Relaxing massage option. These massages are a great option after a long day of golf or riding ATVs.

Manicures & Pedicures

Didn't have time to get your nails done before your trip to Rocky Point? They've got you covered at La Bella. They offer plenty of colors and types of polish to choose from - even gel. They carry all the leading brands that are used in the U.S. such as gelish and OPI, so you can be sure you're getting the same quality polish. Select your color while you wait or while you enjoy the spa chair with a massage.


There are seven different facials you can choose from including Deep Cleaning, Moisturizing, Microdermabrasion, Anti-aging, Hydrafacial, Dermaplanin, and Antioxidant. The names of the facials are pretty self-explanatory in what they offer, but their front desk and aestheticians will be happy to help y0u choose what's best for your skin needs. If you're looking for a general, relaxing facial service you'll want to try the Deep Cleaning, Moisturizing, Anti-aging or Antioxidant. The remaining services are more invasive and suitable for more specific skin needs. For example, a Hydrafacial involves using a suction machine (painless) that will extract dirt/oil from your pores.


There are many different packages on the menu for a full-service treatment or couples. Be sure to ask about them to save some money. Also, we recommend if you want to book a full package, that you call ahead to make an appointment. La Bella Spa is a must visit if you're looking for a full service spa in Rocky Point. 

Local Tips

  • There are often specials available!
  • Call ahead to make your appointment - highly recommended for packages and on weekends!


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