La Cuadra Gastronómica

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Foodies both local and tourist, unite at this brand new concept food court in Rocky Point!

About La Cuadra Gastronómica

There is a new place in town for the foodies and it's called La Cuadra Gastronomica! The name of this popular site directly translates to "The gastronomic block" in English. This food court style place is a new concept in Rocky Point and is community business that serves all kinds of street food, you can find something for everyone. Stop by and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!

Food truck parks have been popping up all around the country as a popular spot for people to gather and enjoy delicious food from their favorite food trucks. What’s not to love? A food truck park is a perfect place to spend an afternoon or evening — surrounded by good company, tasty food, and maybe even some live music, close to the main street that takes you to the Malecon. This is the perfect family spot for Sunday.

It's important to note that though La Cuadra is open weekdays (except Wednesday), not all the vendors are open. Select vendors choose to only open on the weekend when it's busier.

A New Restaurant Concept

La Cuadra takes you on a journey from every type of food you can imagine: Mexican food, Sonoran style huge burritos, sushi, tacos, quesadillas, hamburgers, gyros, waffles, papas, raspados (Mexican slushie), Mexican traditional snacks, desserts, coffee, drinks, teas and more... all of this in one single place!

The atmosphere in this food truck park is spacious and comfortable; it is outside, so it has the feel of a garden, with wood tables and rustic decoration, the place is pet-friendly and they have activities for kids, and local entrepreneurs bazaar sometimes, where you may go around and pick up some gifts for family and friends back home, versatile and fun it offers a great variety of options for all cravings. A fantastic opportunity to learn more about Mexico's gourmet offerings.

Don't miss out on these menu items!

Burros Percherones La Cuadra

  • Bacon-wrapped burrito:

There are many things to love about Sonoran-style food and the list begins with the main ingredient: bacon. As anyone who knows anything about bacon will tell you, it just makes everything better. When wrapped around a jumbo burrito stuffed with, meat, cheese, and salsa—bacon takes this Mexican classic to new levels of deliciousness. So if you're ever in the mood for a nutritious and tasty meal that'll leave you feeling satisfied.

La Eloteria

  • Elote preparado:

Street corn, also known as elote, is a Mexican dish made of grilled or boiled corn covered in a variety of seasonings. Traditionally, it is served with salt, chili powder, lime, and mayonnaise. Street corn has become popular in the United States but it is a traditional snack among Mexicans. While the dish is quite simple to make, it is also delicious.

Crepas y Waffles DC

  • Crepes:

There are so many flavors of crepes that it can be hard to choose just one. Some people might like sweet crepes with fruit and Nutella, while others might prefer savory crepes with cheese and ham. There are endless possibilities when it comes to crepes, so it really comes down to personal preference.

In this crepes and waffles stand you cand find, nutella, banana, strawberry, kiwi, peach, mazapan, magnum, cheese and ham and even pizza!

Local Tips

  • You can find a parking spot next to the pharmacy on the corner since it can be difficult to park on 13th street (Calle 13)
  • You may experience a wait at some vendors due to high influx of people and popularity.
  • Though La Cuadra is open every day, select vendors only open on Friday-Sunday.


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