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As the newest steakhouse in town, Brahman has been all the buzz! This family-owned business is mainly run by a mom and son duo from the Jauregui family. From steak and seafood to pork, there is something for everyone to enjoy at Brahman. Not only will the food be incredible, but the atmosphere is upscale, modern, and fun!

When you walk through the door you will immediately feel the excitement and high energy inside. The friendly staff will greet you and seat you at one of their spacious tables. There are plenty of rustic wood tables and the white walls provide contrast against the wood columns throughout. Large windows and a very stunning glass entrance accentuate the restaurant, keeping with its sophisticated format and upscale feel. Their location is a little outside of the downtown area so they are a little calmer in comparison to Moo Steakhouse or other, more central restaurants. Additionally, because of their location being a little further away from all the hustle & bustle, they have plenty of parking! 

Brahman Steakhouse Menu Highlights

The menu here is limited, but impressive. You can feel their passion for creating and sharing the love of food in each and every dish. Their menu features fine steaks, seafood, tacos, pasta, a kids menu, and a bar menu. Brahman has an excellent wine and mixology list to complement their delicious food. So if you're looking for a great pairing, just ask your waiter to recommend something based on your entree. They will be happy to assist you with matching the perfect drink to the palette of your meal. 

  • Queso Charabaah:

    This starter comes with grilled gouda cheese on top of carne al pastor, chili sauce, pineapple and cilantro!

  • Carpaccio de Res:

    Marinated beef filets with olive oil, garlic, lemon, capers, and parmesan cheese. If you're leaning towards tacos or a pasta for your main course, this is a great appetizer for the table. You will be able to get a little taste of their incredible steak while still getting to try another menu item!

  • Rib Eye or Tomahawk al Grill:

    As a steakhouse, they are most known for their prime meat cuts (no surprise there!). These are on the more expensive end of the menu, but if you're looking for a hearty, tasty meat entree, these are your best bets! The size of the dish is based on grams, so you can be sure you'll get the same portion every time. Both of these dishes come with a side of veggies.

New Mixology

Mixology is the art of mixing, It is, if you will, a kind of reinvention of cocktails, in which the aim has been to discover new flavors in order to offer a whole new range of drinks that go far beyond the limits of what is customary in traditional cocktails. Recently Brahman launched a new mixology menu that includes handcrafted beverages made with Mezcal, Vodka, ginger, jamaica, mint and other hand picked ingredients. Mixing different types of distillates, liqueurs, bitters, essences, shrubs, cordials, infusions and macerations, they have come to create unique drinks to enhance your Brahman experience. Just ask the waitress for the mixology menu and prepare your taste buds for the flavors to come!

We highly recommend visiting Brahman Steakhouse on your next trip to Rocky Point. This new establishment has quickly became a favorite, and we can tell why! Whether you're looking for a filling meal after a long day of shopping or parasailing, or looking for a fine dining experience to compliment your spa day, Brahman Steakhouse will not disappoint.


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