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Vacation Rentals and Things to do at Azul in Riviera Nayarit Mexico

If you are considering a Mexican vacation, don’t hesitate to make Riviera Nayarit your next vacation destination. The location offers top sandy beaches, restaurants, sea mammals, and great Mexican culture. Here are some vacation rentals in Azul Riviera Nayarit and things to do in Riviera Nayarit:

Vacation Rentals at Azul Riviera Nayarit in Mexico

At Azul Condominiums you will see the sunset views and numerous sandy beaches for you to stroll. This luxurious resort allows you to walk into the most beautiful art galleries and restaurants while enjoying various activities and stunning nightlife. The resort offers ample parking and tight security around the clock to ensure your safety. Azul is located to the South of Bucerias town that is popular for fine dining, art, and Mexican ambiance. You can access a massive pool where you can swim as you cool off from the hot sun. It also has a garden that lies by the side of the beach. You can enjoy a barbeque at the colossal gas barbeque. Additionally, the exterior dining areas let you dine outside while you enjoy the sea breeze. Don’t be afraid to gain weight as you can frequent the air-conditioned gymnasium that features a variety of top-notch equipment.
Choose any of our two vacation rentals and have access to the best of Azul resort. Our property management services ensure the properties are clean, secure, and modern.

Things to do in Riviera Nayarit Mexico

Banderas Bay Beach

Bandera Bay is Mexico’s most massive bay that features a coastline 68 km in length. It extends from the northern part of Puerto Vallarta. The beach consists of fantastic sand and gentle slope for strolling. If you have children, they can swim and wade in the shallow parts of the sea. Children can also surf, boogie-board, and body-surf.

Puerto Vallarta

A short drive from Banderas Bay will get you to Puerto Vallarta town that is ideal for tourists. You can take a taxi or drive yourself there. You can take a walk at a seaside walkway called Malecon that has various modern sculptures.

Watch Sea Turtles

Banderas Bay not only provides sandy beaches and shallow waters for you to swim, but it also offers an opportunity to watch sea turtles. The Nayarit coast harbors four turtle species that include Olive Ridley and leatherback turtles. The nesting season for these turtle species is between November and June. Hatchlings often happen near the Banderas Bay resorts. You can check out the turtles on the beach in the evening and release them.

Watch Whales

You can Kayak in Banderas Bay to have a view of dolphins and whales. You can also join tours between April and November to watch whales. During this period thousands of whales migrate between Hawaii and Alaska. Hence, they visit Banderas Bay. You can choose the tour that is ideal for you. Select between snorkeling, kayaking, and joining a group of people in a boat.

Ziplines and Canopy Tours

In addition to the excellent sandy beaches, Riviera Nayarit offers trips to its mountains. During a canopy tour, you will be taken on an adventure to the rainforest’s treetop level, where you can take an adrenaline pumping ride on a zip line.

While on vacation in Riviera Nayarit, ensure to stay in Azul resort where we offer top luxury condos. Our property management services ensure that the condominiums are up to your standards. Visiting Banderas Bay Beach, visiting Puerto Vallarta, watching sea turtles, watching whales, and riding Ziplines and canopy tours are some of the top things to do in Riviera Nayarit.