Four Fantastic Puerto Vallarta Water Sports

Going to Puerto Vallarta for vacation can be one of the most excellent ideas that you can have. This is mainly because of all the water sports that you can engage in. They range from diving and surfing to snorkeling and kayaking. There is no limit to the fun that you can have, and you also get to enjoy other benefits while you are at it. For instance, the water activities help you to get fit and interact with your friends. It can also be a way to blow some steam off since you will be far away from your day job. Here are some of the most popular Puerto Vallarta’s water sports tours.

Puerto Vallarta Flyboard Experience

This is suitable for flyboarding enthusiasts. It combines the thrill that comes with skiing and flying to give you one of the most unforgettable experiences. This water sports expedition includes an orientation as well as plenty of practice with an instructor to guide you.

What you should expect

A Flyboard adventure for 40 minutes

You get to experience the excitement of using a Flyboard to ski and snowboard over water. You can dive underwater in the Pacific Ocean and soar as high as you want over it. You will get all the personalized attention you want from a group of four passengers.

Using waterjet powered gear

With the help of an instructor, you can learn how to use the water jet-powered gear. You can practise as much as you want until you get it.

Acalli feet Luxury Yacht (58 feet)

This yacht comes with fabulous finishes, which are wooden with decorations. They create the perfect environment for you to relax and enjoy your vacation. To have more fun, you can bring swimming costumes, sunglasses, sunscreen and hats.

What you should expect

Incredible fun with friends and family

With the Acalli, you can bring along a small group of friends as well as family instead of leaving them at their various vacation rentals. With them, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the beach and sunset. You can also opt for snorkeling.

Getting picked up

You will also get picked up at any pier as long as it’s your choice. It can be Opequimar or Paradise Village Public Pier located in Nuevo Vallarta.

Jetovator Experience

Have you ever climbed aboard a Jetovator? With the perfect instructor, this is one of the most memorable ways to have fun while on vacation. You do not even need prior experience to do this.

What you should expect

A 50-minute Jetovator experience

You get to enjoy the Jetovator adventure for 50 minutes. You can also learn how to use the “flying bike” with the assistance of an instructor.

A Pass to a club

You will enjoy a pass to any local beach club. This allows you to have some drinks while relaxing and dance if you want to. You can also meet new people while you are there.

Learn to dive-Beginners Scuba Course

Have you wanted to learn how to dive? This is the perfect water sports activity for you. You get to do it at the fantastic Las Caletas where there are underwater caves and reefs.

What you should expect

Diverse aquatic life

While taking this diving course, you can enjoy watching various marine animals like fish, manta rays and turtles.


You are also provided with lunch and beverages so that you don’t go hungry.

Enjoying the various water sports at Puerto Vallarta is better than staying at your vacation rentals all day. It is unbelievably fun, and you get to make great memories. You can always bring your cherished friends and family to ensure that they are not missing out on anything.