The city of Puerto Vallarta is filled to the brim with all types of wonderful and beautiful scenic attractions and outdoor adventures. This area is well known for its natural beauty and features all kinds of destinations you can visit from any number of vacation rentals. Read this guide for more information on what you can expect when visiting this beautiful area for vacation.

Local Beaches

The beaches around Puerto Vallarta are absolutely breathtaking, to say the least. Playa Los Muertos, or “Beach of the Dead,” is the city’s largest public beach. But do not be discouraged by the name. This beach is anything but “dead.” It has a vibrant and exciting atmosphere, with tourists visiting from all over to see the waves crash along the shore of Playa Los Muertos. Plus, legend has it that the name derives from a battle between pirates and locals! Even if it is only legend, it could be a fun story to tell to the kids!

Playa Camarones, or “Shrimp Beach,” is another popular spot for tourists to visit from local vacation rentals. This beach is the northernmost beach within the city limits, and as such has views that sprawl out as far as the eye can see. Check out Playa Camarones for a relaxing getaway for a day or two.

Playa Olas Atlas, or “High Waves Beach,” is an oddly named beach, as its waves are not particularly high. Therefore, this beach is a popular spot for both locals and tourists to go swimming in the ocean along the shore. If you and the family are looking to turn the day into night at the beach, Playa Olas Atlas is lined with incredible restaurants all along the shore, making it a great destination for anyone with an appetite for fun and food alike! Plan out your day on the sand by the shore and then make your way in toward the land to enjoy one of many restaurants, some of which are extremely well known and popular among tourists and locals alike. Don’t miss the opportunity to have a well-rounded day of fun in the sun and food and drinks on shore. This is a great opportunity for the whole family or for just the special couple to share together and make memories that will last a lifetime.

Local Mountains

The Sierra Madre Mountains are a long stretch of jungle-clad mountains which stretch from Santa Cruz all the way to Arizona. Puerto Vallarta is a common area to ascend the mountains from, as it is a popular tourist destination and has direct access to the Sierra Madre Mountains. Here, the mountains separate the beautiful coast from the inland Guadalajara area.

Your options for exploring the Sierra Madre Mountains are many. You can choose to take a tour of the mountains from a trained professional. You can choose to hike the mountains yourself if you feel that you are confident enough in your hiking and survival skills to do so. But for the even more adventurous, you can choose to take a simple hike and turn it into an all-out day trip, by taking part in something as fun as zip-lining! Another option is whitewater rafting down the river! Or for some high-speed adrenaline-fueled fun, you can rent ATVs or mountain bikes to fly down the mountain’s paths on! The options are virtually endless and the amount of fun you can have on the Sierra Madre Mountains is truly unimaginable. Check out more by researching the Sierra Madre Mountains online today!