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As your Home care provider, we ensure that your home repairs and property maintenance are performed at the highest quality and value levels. Our team of professionals are trained to recognize issues, evaluate remedies and implement solutions. And we only partner with vendors and subcontractors that have a proven track record of quality service and reliability. Prompt service, no up- charges, transparent billing and attention to detail is how Silver Peak Properties earns and maintains your trust.

At Silver Peak Property, we pride ourselves on quality, responsiveness and efficiency. We perform regular checks to ensure the integrity and security of your property. In the event an issue is discovered, we are your liaison with all professionals and subcontractors until the issue is fully resolved. Outside the scope of the monthly retainer, Silver Peak Property Management eschews a commission based structure in favor of hourly billing to affirm our goals are aligned with the home owner’s and that we are always pursuing the best and most cost effective options. We do not up-charge or accept kickbacks. Additionally, if we receive any discounts, we pass them directly along to you.



Fee Structure.

Monthly Retainer:Access to our 24/7 network of professionals and individualized monitoring.

Billable Hours:Incidental home and property attention on an as-needed basis billed by the hour.

Ancillary Services:Specialized home and property maintenance (e.g., snow removal, hot tub, landscaping and more).

*For non-emergency repairs and maintenance, attempts are always made to schedule subcontractors together in an effort to reduce time and cost.

HOME CARE | Monthly Retainer Services

The monthly retainer fee affords you access to our local relationships, which means you are guaranteed the most timely service available at the fairest price. Our vendors are in our network because we have worked with them for years and trust their professionalism and expertise. We have done the leg work so you don’t have to. The monthly retainer fee also includes weekly maintenance and security inspections that we customize for your unique property. With your monthly retainer fee, you have peace of mind knowing your property is our top priority.

24/7 availability, including weekends and holidays. Unlimited phone calls, texts and emails from homeowners with a timely response. Weekly Customized Maintenance and Security Inspections (details on page 5): Systematic weekly home checks allow us to evaluate the condition, functionality and security of your property and take a proactive approach to maintenance and repairs. While we cannot prevent all emergencies, our routine inspections mitigate issues and minimize maintenance costs. Access to our network of trusted vendors, subcontractors and service providers. Qualified concierge-related services.

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Fee Structure

Emergency response

Alarm response

Meeting subcontractor on special projects

Annual equipment service

Facilitating repairs



Special projects

Some of the services by the billable provided directly by Silver Peak Properties Team Members include:


Enjoy the convenience and security of having an in-house handyman who is familiar with your home and offers the level of skill we demand and you deserve. Our handyman will perform basic repairs and maintenance. Issues related to electrical, plumbing and HVAC require a licensed professional.


Our in-house housekeeping team is available to freshen things up prior to arrival and to clean following your departure. Our customizable services are designed to fit your general and special entertainment needs. Additionally, our team is available to you for mid-stay cleaning based on your needs. Included in the hourly cleaning fee are all supplies for general home care and laundry (any cleaning supply preferences must be provided by homeowner).

Annual Inspections

Our goal is to enhance the condition of your investment while compensating for normal wear and tear. To help achieve this goal, we perform annual maintenance inspections with licensed professionals in an effort to reduce the risk of emergencies and inconveniences (sample checklist on page 7). A member of Silver Peak Properties management team works with and supervises subcontractors as they work to inspect your home. All recommended upgrades and/or repairs are communicated through our Silver Peak Properties team and outlined in a detailed report.

HOME CARE | Ancillary Services

A team of licensed subcontractors specializing in hot tub maintenance, snow removal and landscaping bring another level of expertise to Silver Peak Property Management services.

Fee Structure: In addition to the Monthly Retainer Fee, ancillary services are subject to the following charges.

Ancillary services are not charged at an hourly billing rate as such services often do not require the on-site attendance of a Silver Peak Property Management team member. Instead, Silver Peak Property Management invoices a nominal service fee in connection for its management and oversight of these ancillary services.

Some of the ancillary services facilitated by Silver Peak Properties include:

Hot Tub Maintenance

Water levels

Filter cleaning


Snow Removal

Ph and chlorine readings

Temperature programming

Overall function of the hot tub

Snow removal contracts are usually November – March. Each home will need to be estimated to determine final pricing.

Per contract snow removal usually starts after 2” of accumulation and continues throughout the storm cycle.

* Hand shoveling services billed hourly.


Weekly or monthly maintenance determined by property

Spring clean-up and fall trimming

Sprinkler turn-on and winterization


Our commitment is to always act within the ethical guidelines expected of us by our clients and colleagues. You will have peace of mind knowing your investment is in good hands. Answers to any questions you may have are just a phone call away. We know your time is precious and want you to enjoy every moment you spend in Park City. Pricing is customized by needs and property size, we would be happy to offer a formal quote.

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