McCall, Idaho is one of the best hiking destinations in the West. The area has more than 500 miles of public trails, 300 lakes and 1,400 miles of streams for everyone to explore.

Boulder Lake Trail

A very pretty lake loop in scenic granite mountains. This is a popular area with routes to two different lakes that can put you in some very beautiful country quickly. A loop trip is also possible with a connecting trail between the lakes. Use can be heavy on weekends. Hike along the saddle between Jug Handle and Twin Peaks, which has been nicknamed the "Sound of Music" hike because of its resemblance to the Alps. You`ll see a kaleidoscope of wildflowers in this amazing area and end at Boulder Lake.

Location: Boulder Lake Rd, McCall, ID 83638

Box Lake Trail

This hike provides a good introduction to the Lick Creek Mountains, which form part of the most western portion of the massive Idaho Batholith. Glaciers once filled the valleys in the Box Lake area during the Pleistocene (Ice Age) era and left many tarns (glacial lakes) when they receded. These mountains are also characterized by steep river breaks with shallow soils.

Location: Box Lake Trail, ID 83638

Secesh (Delta Mist, Whangdoodle) Hot Springs

Secesh (Delta Mist, Whangdoodle) Hot Springs is a 8 mile out and back trail located near McCall, ID that features hot springs. The trail is good for all skill levels and primarily used for hiking. Secesh Hot Springs lies way above the Secesh River and requires a quarter mile, near vertical hike to reach after the river ford. Hot water from the source flows directly into the top pool. The outflow from the top pool and two other smaller sources fill the subsequent pools below. The 3rd pool from the top (just below the 2nd) isn`t warm or deep enough for a soak. The last and lowest pool; located all the way down by the Secesh River features frigid, stagnant water.

Location: Area; northeast of McCall, Idaho

Mile-16 (Sugah) Hot Spring

Includes: Blackmare Lake. A sylvan soak in the South Fork Salmon River Canyon hidden below a paved road. Skinnydippable with discretion. A crystal-clear soaking pool, well concealed from the nearby road, sits at the base of a steep bank on the rivers edge. Its enclosed by attractive chunks of stream rock mortared tightly in place. A large slab at one end makes a backrest for enjoying the view up the tree-studded canyon. Spring water, cooling from 115 degrees F as it trickles down the bank, can be diverted by means of a long pipe. Locals refer to this spot as Mile-16 because of its strategic location on the road. Its also known as Sugah, Fire Crew, and Holdover.

Location: Forest Road 474, Idaho, USA

Loon Lake Loop and Beyond

Loon Lake Loop and Beyond is a 10 mile loop trail located near Riggins, ID. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking. Two scenic Canyons and a large, productive lake. The trail to Loon Lake is usually done as a loop. In the past, however, the big question was whether one could ford the Secesh River because it was not bridged at Chinook Campground, and because it is a river, not a creek. Finally, in the fall of 2000, the Forest Service built a pack bridge over the Secesh in order to protect the Chinook salmon that spawn in and near this very location.

Location: National Forest Road 080, McCall, ID 83638