• What are the current COVID-19 travel restrictions for the island?
    Be sure to visit the Hawaiian Tourism Authority website for the most up to date info including a list of approved testing sites.
  • What are the 30 reasons for cancellation covered by travel insurance?
    30 Covered Reasons
    Play Travel – Beach – Travel Insurance Brochure
  • What is Our Cancellation Policy for those Booking Directly with us?
    Cancellation of booking at any time after Confirmation has been issued will result in a cancellation fee and the booking fee. Cancellation within the 60-day period prior to check-in will result in forfeiture of the entire rental amount. Refund of monies paid for rental and services will be made under the following circumstances: (1) If, on the day that the rental is scheduled to begin, the property is unfit for habitation and no equivalent substitute can be obtained, or the property is not reachable by the usual means of transportation, or access to the property by visitors has been prohibited by authorities; or (2) The rental property is re-booked for the same time period and at the same rate of initial booking. If a portion of the rental time is re-booked, a pro-rata refund will be made. All refunds, whether in whole or pro-rata, will be subject to the booking fee and cancellation fee. To protect  against cancellations caused by certain unforeseen events, such as illness, death, natural disasters, etc., we recommend that guests purchase our Trip Cancellation and Interruption Protection Insurance to assure at least a partial refund of deposits paid and reimbursement of other vacation payments.
  • Do I need to provide COVID test results?
    Yes, our customers need to provide a negative COVID test at their arrival to Kailua Kona that was made with no more than 3 days prior their arrival.
  • Does the insurance cover you if you get a positive COVID test?
    It sure does! We have been advised that the following reasons related to COVID-19 are covered under the Standard Travel policy for 100% reimbursement benefit:
    –  Illness or death of traveler or anyone in their traveling party
    –  Illness or death of immediate family members
    –  Medical Quarantine issued to a specific named traveler or someone in their traveling party
  • What is going to happen with my reservation if the state of Hawaii requires a 14-day quarantine?
    If there is a mandatory 14-day quarantine for everyone coming to the island during their travel, like what was in place through October 14th, then, if you do not come, we will refund your booking, or reschedule for a different date at no additional fee, except if the rate of the stay changes
  • What are payments due for your reservation?
    Currently, this is the information about our charging rules:
    –  The initial payment includes the 1st night plus taxes and booking fee and should be paid at time of booking.
    –  The final payment includes the rest of the balance and should be paid 60 days prior your arrival.
  • Are we still charging the security deposit for new reservations?
    For new reservations we are no longer charging the security deposit; now, we are charging the booking fee ($39) and the 1st night plus taxes as initial payment instead of the security deposit.
  • What is our reschedule policy?
    The request to reschedule your reservation should be made more than 60 days prior to your arrival and there will be a $100 fee.  If we can be more flexible, we will
  • Do we provide kitchen items?
    The kitchens at our properties have basic pots, pans, bowels, etc.
  • Do we provide beach towels and chairs?
    We offer beach chairs and beach towels at each property.
  • When do we send the check in instructions?
    We send the check in instruction 14 days before the arrival.
  • What is the damage waiver and is it refundable?
    The damage waiver is not refundable, and this is the policy about it:DAMAGE WAIVER FEE:
    As a part of your stay, you may have purchased a Vacation Rental Damage Protection plan designed to cover unintentional damages to the rental unit interior that occur during your stay provided they are disclosed to management prior to check-out. The policy will pay a maximum benefit of $1,000. You must notify us prior to leaving of any damage that occurred during your stay.  Any damages that exceed the maximum benefit are not covered under the plan and will be charged to the credit card on file. If, during your stay at one of our rental properties, a covered person causes any damage to real or personal property of the unit as a result of inadvertent acts or omissions, the Kona Now will reimburse the Owner for the cost of repair or Actual Cash value of such property up to a maximum benefit of $1,000. Certain terms and conditions apply.
  • Do we offer early check in or late check out?
    We are not offering early check in or late check out at this time because we are accepting last-minute bookings and we need to be sure that the unit will be clean and ready in the case that there is a last-minute booking.
  • What is the schedule of our office at Hale Kona Kai?
    Our office is open from Monday to Friday, from 9:00am – 5:00pm.
  • What is the check in procedure?
    We offer a self-check in procedure. We provide our guests the lock box code or door code that they can use to get their key that will be in a lock box attached to their condo door frame.
    The lock box code is in the check in instructions that we send 14 days before the arrival.
  • Do the units on Hale Kona Kai have Washer and dryer?
    There are laundry machines available on each floor of Hale Kona Kai.
  • Do the units on Kona Reef have Washer and dryer?
    Kona Reef offers In-condo washer and dryer on each unit.
  • Which is the time frame to make my reservation?
    Our customer can make a reservation even 2 years before their arrival date.
  • Do we accept a reservation for the same day?
    Yes, our customer can make a reservation even for the same day.
  • Do we offer a discount for long stays?
    We offer a 10% discount on most properties for long stays. (30 days or more)