Chicago Illinois is one of the most popular cities to visit in the United States. Whether coming for business, pleasure or personal reasons, this city offers a lot of opportunities and fun things to do. However, many people have a tough time finding short term or vacation rentals in the area. This has a lot to do with the real estate market in Chicago as well as some other reasons. Most real estate agents prefer to rent apartments and houses out for longer periods of time in larger cities. This allows them to earn more money while minimizing the risk. However this leaves a big gap in the market.

Our property management company is dedicated to offering the best short term rentals in Chicago. The properties that we offer have been checked and approved through a rigorous process to ensure the highest quality. The best part is that we offer these apartments for reasonable prices.

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We currently don’t have any properties in this area, but we are always happy to add to our growing list. Contact us now, and we’ll work with you in getting one of our qualified property managers representing your property and making money.

Things to do in Chicago Illinois

Despite not earning the title of capital, Chicago is the most popular city in the state of Illinois and the entire midwest. This shining metropolis attracts millions of visitors per year for the endless list of fun things to do. Chicago has become famous for the Willis Tower that stands tall amongst the city’s skyline. Visitors can go to the top for a view of the sprawling city below. For those who love shopping, Magnificent Mile has some of the highest quality and most diverse stores in the area. When visitors want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, Millennium Park is a beautiful area with trees and walking trails. There are also many beaches and small parks along Lake Michigan. Biking routes can also be found throughout the city.

Another great feature of Chicago is the city’s splendid cuisine. In fact, Chicago invented deep-dish pizza. Some of the city’s best restaurants to try this local delicacy include Giordano’s and the Art of Pizza. During the evening, locals and tourists alike enjoy heading to Navy Pier to enjoy the nighttime festivities. Navy Pier has offers several attractions including a ferris wheel, fun house and maze, private charter tours, restaurants and bars. Chicago also has a great supply of art for those who love to see paintings and sculptures. The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the most celebrated art complexes in the United States.

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Property Owners in Chicago

For those who live or own property in Chicago, this list of things to do is nothing new or special. However, we still have something of value to offer. We help property owners throughout the United States and Mexico earn a nice income through renting their property. With this recent move to Chicago, our property management service is looking for people who own property and want to use it as a vacation or short-term rental. We have access to local knowledge and relationships that we utilize when listing an owner’s property. These properties will be advertised on our own website as well as over 100 others for maximum exposure. The more attention that these properties receive, the greater the chances of making some money from the rental.

Our services do much more than simply listing vacation rentals. We evaluate any potential tenants and perform routine check ins to ensure that our clients’ properties are treated with the utmost care and attention. On top of this, we even clean every inch of the owner’s property and perform regular inspections. Our property owners will also receive quality ratings and reviews that will increase the likelihood their property being rented in the future.

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